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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Capri_Gal, 26 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    Hi all. I've been away from the boards for a while but, as usual, I'm struggling!

    I started my weight loss last year at 13.3. I am currently 11.12 and am following the plan from home. My problem is that whenever I get to my current weight I start to struggle and start yo-yoing between 12.2 and 11.12!

    I know what I have to do to be successful, I just find that I start craving every piece of junk food under the sun and end up giving in!

    I'm going on holiday in August and really want to get to 10.3 by then, I just need to stop sabotaging myself - any tips?!
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  3. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    I am at the weight I struggle to get past as well. What I have done is write a tour and against list, I.e reasons I want to lose weights and reasons that stop me. It really focused me and I am hoping that next week I will be in the 10s! Good luck
  4. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    Thank you, I'll have a go at that right now! Top of my list, to look good in the bikini that's just been delivered!
  5. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    I agree with Jen, a list is a good place to start! You can add to it as you think of more things and as things change on your weightloss "journey".
    Could be an idea to hang that new bikini up somewhere you pass regularly?! I have a dress id like to look better in- it fits but could look nicer- and its on the front of my wardrobe to remind me every morning!! If I have an urge to snack/stuff my face with chocolate sometimes I even put it on.
    With the exception of Monday where I caved and ate my whole Easter egg lol.. Good luck! X
  6. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    Thank you! Bikini is now in full view :)

    I have also managed to stay on track for the past three days, though I was nearly in tears walking around Tesco yesterday, the chocolate buttons, doughnuts and crunchy nut cornflakes were taunting me!
  7. Diamondintherough

    Diamondintherough Full Member

    Battling the food demons is really tough!.... How active are you? Could you increase your exercise regime to help tip the scales in a good direction?
  8. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    It is tough! I think I'm just starting to acknowledge that I have a real problem with food, even though I've always been overweight.

    I'm not very active - I work stupidly long hours and am always so tired. As soon as the weekend arrives I want to spend it in bed (usually with work to keep me company)!

    I know I need to stop making excuses though - might try to plan a nice walk tomorrow.
  9. Lindsey-g

    Lindsey-g Recovering chocoholic

    I know exactly how you feel. I have hit my plateau weight as well and really want to push through it. It's hard when you don't see the result on the scales though. I have had a particularly bad day syns wise today and am wanting more chocolate. Must not give in!

    Our stats are so similar and I am going on holiday at the end of July too. I am sure we can encourage each other.
  10. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    It's so annoying isn't it - especially when you know it's your own fault!

    Would be great to support each other - there's no better motivation than a bikini!
  11. josephsmummy

    josephsmummy Gold Member

    Have you tried mixing things up a bit? Trying more red or green or EE days?
    One of the women in my group plateaued so she changed how she was using her syns and that helped to kick start her, so used more in her meals rather than her snacks.
  12. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    Thanks for the tip :)

    My problem is mental though! It's like I get to 11.12 and then every food craving I've ever had hits me and I can't cope! I've been gaining and losing the same 4lbs since February!
  13. Diamondintherough

    Diamondintherough Full Member

    Capri-girl.... Try to stock up the low syn / syn free food you like, when you get a craving grab those instead.... Have you ever looked up a syn free alternative for the things you crave.... For example if you like cake... Have you tried the curly wurly scan bran cake?
  14. beslim2014

    beslim2014 Full Member

    Can so relate to this. The past 4weeks have without doubt been the toughest I have ever experienced. My sisters husband was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer at the age of 53 and on Good Friday he lost his battle with this awful disease with the family beside him. I am so struggling to get back on track and get focused again, I haven't been to group in a while either. Can feel myself getting back into bad eating habits but can't seem to stop it.
  15. Diamondintherough

    Diamondintherough Full Member

    Beslim2014... Don't give up... Very sorry to hear you have had such sad traumas to deal with, and I completely understand how these things effect the way we think about food... Planning goes out the window! You want to get back on track so it's a matter of dusting yourself off and going for it... You can do it :0)
  16. jogirl

    jogirl Silver Member

    Beslim2014, I am so sorry for your loss.
  17. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    I'm so sorry for your loss, things must be difficult enough without thinking of weight loss.
  18. stburgan

    stburgan Silver Member

    Amsorry for your loss, I realise those bad habits are also comforting Old friends at the moment, but they are Def your downfall in the long run my advice would be to do the best you can with what u have with the knowledge you will have good and bad days but I think the fact that you are thinking of loosing weight at all goes in your favour and shows you are aware of What your eating so you hopefully. Will be able to get back on the wagon when the top me is right for you x good luck hun xx ( hope that makes sense, as it did in my head x)

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