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Restart 3/9/2013
Hi everyone. Well I cant really complain, everything is going well, none of the dreaded constipation yet...however there is one area i am struggling in!!!!

I am on 4 shakes a day as am 5ft 9 - and I just cant seem to fit them all in!!!! I am just not hungry at all, so I forget about them...and suddenly it is 6 pm and ive only had one shake/soup all day!!!! I am managing with my water - having I would say 2.5-3litres a day - but struggling to fit in the shakes...

Any bright ideas???
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im the same height as you so im having 4 too! i do feel for you as i find it hard fitting them in all too. i just force them down! have one when i wake up, one around lunchtime, one mid-afternoon and then one in the evening. you need to make sure you have them all for the nutrients! so just try and force them down, good luck!


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Ha ha ha same abz!!! Yeah u do NEED allllll ya shakes as ya body will go into starvation mode and u wont lose anything x


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I'm only on 3 but, just wondering could you have 1 as a tetra that you could just sip at during the day?

No other ideas really other than say at teatime, you have a soup and make a muffin as dessert? Or have one savoury pack made into crisps to nibble in the evening?


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Have to say that i never got to the "i've forgotten to have all my shakes" stage!!:mad: Although never was really hungry, my body always reminded me that i needed something to "consume" (light head, icky tummy, fatigue) - think maybe that's why i could never manage SS so stayed on SS+. (longest i tried SS was 3 days and felt awful). Thankfully i've done ok on SS+:D


Restart 3/9/2013
Thanks everyone...

Have developed raging tonsilitis in the last couple of hours (seriously my tonsils look incredible...sorry the nurse in me speaking) - not in any pain as such, but very uncomfortable. Might explain why I am not so hungry today, but then I havent been hungry since i started!!!!

I must I must I must go and make my second shake of the day. Then think I will make myself a double mousse for later on this evening...work my way through that as the evening progresses...


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I think the tetra packs are best as I felt I couldnt stomach (he he) three shakes a day either. The tetras are perfect, I literally have one whilst rushing about in the morning and another during my lunch. Quick and easy. Though I have a soup in the pm as thats when I get wandering eyes and it fills me up!
Im on 3 and sometimes i forget i still have another. No matter how late i have it. Make sure you have all four. have one first thing, then lunch, maybe something in the afternoon and something later at night :)

becky x


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I found I wasn't hungry at all on SS for the first 2-3 weeks. I was almost on a high not feeling hungry and I was having 3 shakes. However, the I found this feeling has not lasted so have to work at controlling the hunger pangs as I am not feeling as euphoric and also still ge the odd dizzy spell or feel fatigued.
switch to tetras, there is so little in them a couple sucks on the straw and your finished easy to fit in and convenient to carry around in your bag :)


Restart 3/9/2013
Yeah think I will invest in a few more tetras this week. they make nicer mousses anyway


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Hi BB, hope ur feeling better!

I'm also on four and sometimes find it hard to fit them in.
Wat I sometimes do is open a tetra and use it as 'milk' in my coffees throughout the day.

And also, I have a hot mint choc every night going to bed so that leaves only 2 others to 'fit in'.

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