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  1. trixiefoofoo

    trixiefoofoo Full Member

    That'll teach me for being all positive and not hungry!!

    Day5 and I'm really struggling today. Keep thinking about food. I'm not at all hungry but just want to 'eat' something.

    Also, bought Ketostix yesterday - was mid-range when I tested yesterday and then today I tested again and I'm negative?! :(

    I've not cheated at all, not had anything other than tap water and my shakes.

    Any ideas and am I just having my 'bad days' later than others?? :sigh:
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  3. rainbow brite

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    Hey honey. My bad days were 5 and 6 and I caved and ate and I'll tell you it was soooooooooooooo not worth it. I felt awful mentally for cheating myself and really awful physically. My stomach had stretched and was very painful for the whole day. Couldn't even lay down without it hurting!

    You've done really really well to get this far and I know you can get through the next 2 days until your first WI. Keep yourself busy, drink loads of water to fill you, hot drinks also help with taking the hunger away and for some reason hot baths work a treat too. Pamper yourself and have an early night if possible hun.

    I hope you feel better soon doll! xx
  4. davidmanc

    davidmanc Full Member

    Trixie... stick with it!

    Have a look at my post here:

    I'm also on day five. Day 1-5 were absolutely awful for me. I was seriously close to giving up a couple of times.

    I know it's sh*te, but honestly - it gets easier. I feel great today!

    Fingers crossed for you. In the next couple of days, you'll have a shake and feel full.

    On the ketone strips, I read up about it and water has a lot to do with your result - as does the time of day. Ketones are excreted through urine - so if you've had a lot to drink you'll have a lower reading on the strip. Similarly, if you do it first thing in the morning - you'll probably have a slightly higher reading. There are so many variables to those strips they can only really be used as an ish-guide to whether or not ketones are present.

    Don't worry about it. If you're sticking by the rules to the letter, having all your shakes, drinking all your water - then it's working. The only other thing to bear in mind is the FibreClear I think. Each tsp has 5g of carbs in it - so don't have too many - as many as it takes to make you comfortable.

    Good luck - hope you feel better soon.
  5. trixiefoofoo

    trixiefoofoo Full Member

    Not had any Fibreclear - isn't that for when you get 'bunged up' [for lack of a better phrase]? So can't be that.

    Thanks for the Ketostix info. though - makes me feel a bit better.

    Well done for getting through those bad days, hopefully only gets better from here x
  6. Gene Genie

    Gene Genie Mad as cheese

    My sticks very often give a negative reading, but usually later in the day when i have drank loads of water so dont worry about that hon, and just try distract yourself through the hunger just think 2 more days and your laughing week 1 over and done with week 2 here you come!!
  7. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

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    Hang in there Trixie, just focus on your first WI which will make everything so worthwhile.

    As has already been said, only test for ketones first thing in the morning coz they are most concentrated then. You should never be darker than pink coz that means you aren't drinking enough water. The water flushes the little blighters out which is what you want and why later readings are negative or very pale pink.

    Have you written yourself some mini goals? If not then you should. I have about 22, including losing a(nother) stone, getting into next stone down, moving into next BMI level, getting halfway, and it really helps me keep on track dating when I achieve them. Being mini goals they are easily attainable and I often find I am achieving another one every other week. Mini goal 13 is to get into the 12 stones which I am hoping to do before the end of August. The next goal after that is to have a BMI below 30 so I am just overweight! You really feel like you are making progress!

    Good luck babe.

  8. howdy-doody

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    Hang in the Trixie :) I swear to you on my next-door neighbours cousins dogs life it does get easier - pwomise :D

    Stick with it & before you know it you'll be bouncing off the walls with new found ketonic energy & become detached from food :)
  9. Snowie

    Snowie Full Member

    Hi Trixie
    As everybody has been saying stick with it and it will get better - we promise!!!
    I am on day 10 and I feel absolutely brilliant.
    It will all be worth it when you go for your WI and see how well you have done.
    Best of luck hun x
  10. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

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    Stick with it day 5 was a b'itch for me too!!! split your last shake up and have 2 meals ..go have an early night, weed the garden (like i just have) have a pamper session anything but do not give in you will regret it!!!
    Re the ketostix you should be about mid range in the morning then it can go negative with the water you drink through out the day ...or even if you had a late drink it can affect it...try not to rely on them as they can be deciving!!
    I used to be the 2nd pink in the morning and then negatvie by 10 am after my first ltr of water ..also some people are more efficent at using ketones which also alter the results!
    So as long as you arent eating, are drinking water more than 2ltrs a day and having all your shakes you will be in ketosis and melting fat! Your weigh in will prove it xxx
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