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I'm starting to question my commitment to CD, and if losing the weight quickly is worth going through what's happening to me... not sure if I'm just down, or if I'm thinking clearly for once.

Suppose I best explain what I'm on about... CD seems to be affecting me in more ways that I have initially even thought about... I considered how I'd feel about not eating - wasn't actually bothered, and I haven't actually felt hungry at all through it and I'm on day 12 now.

The problem's aren't really to do with the "diet" side of CD... my home life has gone down the pan, I'm miserable, nasty, snappy and quite frankly a *****. I'm tired all the time, have constant headaches (I'm drinking about 6 litres of water a day so I'd doubt it is dehydration), I have terrible dry skin which has made my eczema flare up. I can't concentrate on a single thing...

Should I just persevere with the diet despite all this? Or should I just lose the weight slowly through healthy eating and eating healthily?

I can't even make my own decisions anymore :(
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Are you sure it is the diet?? Could it be other things possibly depression??

The other option is possibly you are drinking too much water and are washing some of the nutrientsand salts out of your body before they are absorbed.


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cut down your water by at least a couple of litres honey. six litres is too much and may be the course of the problem... stick to between 3 and 4 max i reckon. i know that if i drink over four i start feeling quite rank.

also, i went through what you are going through. and i've now been calorie counting, sw, ww etc and i'm back at cambridge to get to goal for my wedding. i can't tell you whether it would be worth it for you but i wish i'd stuck at being *****y for a couple more months (if my OH could have coped) and got to goal than facing doing it again now.

good luck babes. i hope you feel better soon.

abz xx


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I'd agree that it is possible you are drinking too much- which can sometimes be more detrimental to you health than dehydration. If you drink too much water, your kidneys can't keep up, meaning you blood becomes more dilute with less salt concentration. This can make the cells in you brain swell, leading to headaches and irratablility.

This could explain why you are feeling like you are. Hope this helps x


I drink no more than 4L a day. Today is looking like its a 3.5L day.

Cut down on the water for a bit and see how you feel.
I have always drunk a lot of water due to a few health problems I have... not going to go into a lot of details but I will give it a go...
Oh I really feel for you. Sending you big big hugs :gen126::gen126::gen126:

I know what you mean about feeling pretty crappy - every time I say Im going to SS again my OH says "oh no not again so I will have to suffer cos you are a naggy snappy b*tch." But luckily this time I havent been too bad.

As regards your dry skin and eczema maybe try the lactose free shakes to see if that improves it cos it could be the milk content, but just to reassure you quite a few of us get really dry skin on it (me included my hands are a right mess!)

I think the others are right in that you need to cut down your water consumption but aswell looking at your signature you have only recently had a terrible loss and I think that that is probably affecting your mood rather than the diet as these things do take time.
Hope your day gets a bit better and PM me anytime if you need to

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