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strugglingwrighty is really struggling today!

Hey all, Im having a real hard day today, first time in a long time where I just want to eat anything and everything, ive stuck to the plan today apart from having a choccy biscuit which was 4.5 syns, but i feel no better for it, and now i just want to carry on eating. Im not sure if its just my mood today (im a bit down and fed up) or ive changed what I do each day, I usually do EE every single day but thought id mix it up and have a couple of red days, but now im realising why i moved to EE, because i just get bored with Red and find theres not much i can have apart from Ham, chicken, and my 2 HEA and B's (im fairly fussey with eating) now im worrying that my WI next tuesday will be rubbish and i just feel like screaming! :eek: This week i wanted to loose 2lbs and i didnt I lost 1lb, i know this is good as its still a loss, but its taken me since christmas to loose nearly 1 stone, i know my weight loss is slow because ive only got a few pounds to go til i hit target but i just feel really fed up and sorry for myself and im going through the whole 'why do i have to watch what i eat' stage. Anyway moaning over! ;) x
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If you want to eat, then eat. I'm hungry today - so far I've had 28g muesli with a mullerlight and blueberries, a banana, an apple then for lunch 3 scrambled eggs,1/2 tin beans and a big salad, 2 rich tea biscuits and 3 coffees.
I'm about to make another cuppa and have some melon and blueberries.

Just eat hun, it won't harm anything if you are hungry.


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could you have a flexi day? and then focus and restart tomorrow?

why dont you plan tomorrows food, and maybe Sundays too - and this might help you get back on track?

sending you a big hug sweetcheeks xxx hope you get rid of the munchies, or end up munching on something sweet within your syns!

Tuesday weigh in, is 4 days away - you can get a loss if you stick to the plan - keep going!!! xxx


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It's Friday which automatically equals hungry for me today. We used to call it "Fast Food Friday" as we would always get takeaway for tea. I'm just filling my tummy on free foods instead. I know that, sometimes, free food just won't do but if you're anything like me...if you resist from eating too long, you'll binge on the wrong stuff.

What about satsumas? They're so full of flavour that I feel like I've had proper food when I eat one of those!

Chin up, hun! xx


Will be thin god dammit!!
Wrighty I feel exactly the same today - Just feel totally pap and want to eat loads of rubbish.....
As Jaylous advice says, if your hungry then eat plenty - You know what you should be eating
Chin up hun x

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Try & fill up on free foods or maybe drink diet drinks maybe that'll give you the satisfaction you need.

It's a long way till Tuesday & you'll get your loss XXX
Rrr ladies thanks so much for your kind words, I know your right, but you know what its like I know I can eat all the free foods I want too today but I dont want them I want the bad foods Lol, im so annoyed as like I said before this is the first time in a looonng time ive felt like this. Ive had lots of fruit today, muller light yog, i had 2 homemade burgers for lunch one with a roll and one without and yes their all free or HEB but i just want more! ive eaten a nana and 2 apples but thats not helping. Ive had so many cups of tea, water and 3 diet cokes already! ha ha Im determined not to give into it, but im just getting more and more grouchy Lol. Ive planned tomorrow food and sundays so thats positive :) xxx


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Honey what do you have planned for this weekend? maybe you could do weekly syns this week and have a bit of a blow out today, but stick to 5 syns a day for Sat/Sun and Mon? then you could allow yourself an extra 30 syns today, and satisfy your munchies! sometimes you just need to let yourself do it. i've been there before!

you only have 1lb till your stone! you'll get it i'm sure! just think of being in Ibiza (ONE MONTH TODAY!!!!) in a bikini feeling good because you've lost all that weight!

I know babe and I am soooo excited, like sillyly excited :) Its just one of those days, I dont usually syn alot every day as it is, thats why usually if i slip up i don fret as i flexi syn alot, but these past 3 days ive had my total allowance of syns which is unusual for me, so perhaps thats why i feel rubbish? Ah i dont know xx


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maybe that's why, but don't beat yourself up. with red days thrown in i bet you have a great loss!

do you have plans tonight? if not, i'd go to bed early! hahaha! that's the only thing that stops me eating!

have you had your two HeB's today? (if you're on red)
Its friday honey so that only means one thing for me, work!
:( Working in the cab, ive got my SW quiche to take out with me tonight, so i just hope im busy so i can avoid McD's and Burger King etc.. Lol. Ive had a wholemeal roll with my burger at lunch and a hi fi bar, so had the 2 heb's xx


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It sounds like youa re feeling guilty for having syns because you are not used to having very many. That is the very reasons why you should be having them! So you don't end up in the position where you just want to eat anything and everything. You still have 10 syns left for the day and could even allow yourself more if you haven't had many for the past few days. There's no reason why your weigh this week should be rubbish - you've been following the plan after all. you just need to ease up a bit and not be so hard on yourself. Just because you are on a 'diet' doesn't mean that you have to punish yourself.
I know circes your right, thats the reason more than likely, but I just think everythings got to me today, having to work tonight when im shattered is peeing me off too Lol, but it has to be done! I'll be fine, just need a kick up the butt which you girls have given (kindly) Lol, thanks for all your support xxxxxx


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when you feel tired all you want it comfort and easy food :( least you have planned your menus for the next few days to keep yourself on the straight and narrow.....take it easy bubs xxx
Can I just say (in a non lesbian way) wow! your pics are stunning and you look so pretty :)

You will find your motivation I am sure as you have done so well so far, and as always everyone on here is so supportive

Lol thanks Teenyweeny what a lovely comment. xx


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Anna really is a stunner, she's gorgeous!

how did you get on at the weekend hon? i saw your email, will reply when things calm down here! bloody work!


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