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STS???? advice please

I have done really well with my exercise this week doing more than any other week and i have stuck to my points every day. so of i went to weigh in thinking i would have a loss (1lb then 1 stone gone) but nope i STS i was gutted as it seems like all that hard work was for nothing and i must addmit i came home and had a little cry (i know, i know)
so after having a moan to OH he got the scales out (they have been locked away for 4 weeks lol) and i know they are bang on as i weighd a 10lb weight on them first and they said i have lost 2lb so ???
OH now thinks weight watchers is a scam lol and has been *****ing about it more than me (he's the one who has had to put up with me wobbling about doing exercise while trying to watch tv lol) and he now thinks i should stop going and do it from home and save the £6 every week and get something nice when i lose a few stone.
but the problem is i really don't know which scales to go by i mean the ww ones just cant be wrong.
so if i do decide to do it from home do i go by my scales this week or the ww ones???
so so sorry for the long post just a grrrrrrrrrrrr day.
hope ur all having a good week so far xx
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Erm tbh i'm unsure, if you really don't want to go to meetings then i'd start a fresh, just go by whatever weight your scales at home say, but don't class it as a loss just take that weight, then next week WI again and then take that weight as your new start and see how much you've lost
Hey :)

I know what you mean, it is demotivating to have not as good a loss, or a gain, or even a STS when you wanted to lose. But try to get OH to look at the bigger picture :) How long have you been sticking to it, 100% and seen that 13lbs come off?
Sometimes, I think that the weight burnt by exercise takes a while to reflect in the scales anyway. Because the extra exercise doesn't necessarily work the same way as chopping away at a block of flab, it works by boosting your metabolism so that over time you burn calories more efficiently, if that makes sense? You know people always say "You lose it where you want to, last"... I think that's why too! So you might see a way better loss next week, rather than this week :)

I think that's how it works anyway....

Look at it all over a whole month - Over the past month, how much have you lost? Bet you've done better than me lol.....!! I'd say keep at it, don't lose heart!
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You have done really well so far, next week you will more than likely show a good loss if you stick with it.

By all means go it alone if you can, but don´t be disheartened by one weeks SLS, ther could be loads of reasons for it, maybe you have retained more fluids than usual, but whatever it is the main thing is to keep going, it really will come off in the end.

As you have lost so much your body could just be reorganising itself a bit, give it a chance to get going again.

If you do stop going to class perhaps you could wigh-in once a week a the chemists as some people have mentioned, you get a printout of your weight and can take that as your weekly WI, same time same place etc., or you won´t know whee you are.

Hope this helps,
If you've very recently started exercising, it could be fluid retention. Muscles require water to burn energy and, when they recognise that they're moving more (cos you've started exercising them), they retain more fluid cos they need it for that extra work. People often find that, when they start an new exercise regime, their weight stays the same or even goes up slightly in the first week or two. This is temporary as your muscles can only retain a certain amount of water and then your losses and the benefits of all that hard work start to show. I say keep going, keep exercising and the weight will start to fall off! I know its disappointing but its going to be ok if you stick at it. You can do it! xxxxx
I think your OH is being very unfair to be honest. We all have weeks where we dont get a good loss on WW or sts, for no obvious reason. Weighing on different scales is a really bad idea. The WW ones are really accurate and are regularly calibrated. Theyre not ripping you off *HUGS*

If YOU think you can manage alone without classes do it. But dont be pressurised into it by him.

IF you are going to give up classes, weigh yourself tonight and have that as your starting weight and stay off the scales til this time next week.
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by my scales at home im 5lbs lighter than at weigh in,,but them again i'm usually naked at home and ww won't let me strip off lol!!!!i had a sts last week,,first time ever but just got on with it and will show,,hopefully this week,but i've been losing everyweek for 3 months and new it would come to a stop sometime,,
Hi I went to meeting last year and was doing aqua aerobics and gym 5 times a week and my last time of going to ww meeting the scales said id only lost 1/2lb but my scales said 2 lbs ,so I said Im sorry im not happy with that and she weighed me again and made me 1.5lbs lighter,then I said Im sorry have these scales been calerbrated and she said yes 2 months ago and I got on a 3rd time and it made me sts,so I didnt go again.I have nothing against ww meetings and starlight is right you had lost before and your OH is just seeing what you have said and is I suppose right in his thinking,£6 a week si alot of money I use my weekly fee to go to exercise classes I have done ww alone the whole 6 months but have had help here.
Alot of people can weigh on scales at meeting thats what made me think well they can go wrong,I know they are checked and maybe I was just unlucky but I didnt really like the leader much for a different reason.
I think you must weigh up how much do you need the weekly support of a meeting,can you get enough support here or with people you have around you? I have no support only here but I like not feeling the pressure of going to a meeting especially when I have stuck to plan exercised and been 100% good and have a gain.
You could of sts I have had 2 2.5lbs gains and have stuck to plan 100% for 6 months and go to 5 exercise classes a week and have 4 stone to go ,our bodys are hard to figure maybe its not enough water like said or your body adjusting........Only you can decide whats best for you,some people dont understand the importance of meetings if theyve never had to lose weight so your OH prob thinks and feels £6 a week is a waste but only people who know how you feel can understand how the meetings help.
I get all the support I need on here,kicked up the bum ,sympathy,understanding,empathy help with questions even after 22 years of yoyoing but I know meeting dont help me but they maybe your encouragement ? xxx


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I used to always find the WW scales weigh me heavier than my own set of scales - sometimes a diff of 3-4lbs which is a lot. So I am going it alone at home now....leader isn't that nice anyway.
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ioh i know what u mean lots of hard work for nothing i worked hard last week walked 2 miles every day and wii fit 4 times and i was sticking well with in my points allowance and i only lost 1lb although a loss is a loss i am hoping it shows next week i havnt walked as much this wee as my wee lass has been ill and me too so harder to get me going but planing on wii fit later today! dont let it put u off keep trying i am sure it will show for us both next wi x
ioh i know what u mean lots of hard work for nothing i worked hard last week walked 2 miles every day and wii fit 4 times and i was sticking well with in my points allowance and i only lost 1lb although a loss is a loss i am hoping it shows next week i havnt walked as much this wee as my wee lass has been ill and me too so harder to get me going but planing on wii fit later today! dont let it put u off keep trying i am sure it will show for us both next wi x
Hope your lil one gets well soon xx
I think your loss of 1lbs is great you have lost over 1/2 stone in 2 weeks and dont forget exercise can take a week later to show up,well done :) xx
wow thanks all for the replies xx
thanks jen, been doing ww for 4 weeks. think im just upset as last time i was on ww i was having a good loss almost every week. you have done really well with your weight loss, well done.
thanks justm, i know i shouldent be disheartened by a STS i think im just hoping for to much to quick. hope your doing well.
wanabelovely, you are great. you have made me feel so much better. thanks loads. im going to keep it up and hope for a better loss next week. hope your having a good week.
starlight, i think i have made OH out to be the bad guy when really his not, his the one who sugested going back to meetings when i said i wanted to lose weight. he was having a moan as he felt sorry for me and was trying to make me feel better. you are so right about not weighing on different scales so im going to stick with class as i think its working for me at the mo and i know that there not ripping me off (just wanted someone to moan at lol) thanks for your post and i hope your doing well x
yummymummy75, you made me laugh, thanks for that lol. well done on your weight loss you must be so proud of yourself a STS after 3 months is fantastic.
size102be, that made me feel better to know that someone else has had the same problem as me. i really think i need the meetings as it gives me something to aim for and i think if i was doing it alone i would be to soft on myself. but things mayy change as i get into it more. i think the support on here is fantastic and i am really greatfull for everyone answering my posts. have a good week x
ladyvegus, my leader is quite nice and very supportive, i think im lucky there as i have heard alot of people say that there leaders are not that nice. good luck with going it alone and well done on getting into the 16s im 11lb away and i cant wait.
scottishjewel, well done on your 1lb loss and as you say lets hope it shows for us both next week. hope you both feel better soon xx

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