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G: 11st7lb
My first week I had a great loss, 5.5lb, but on my 2nd weigh in I sts. I was guttered as I have been 100%.

The only thing I can think it may have been was I had a banana everyday and I didnt have as many syns as the first week. In my first week I had between 12 and 15 every day and last week I probably had about 5 a day.

Can any one let me know if these things could have caused me to sts as I am confused and it has but me in a bad frame of mind.
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my advice is to look at your weight losses over 4 weeks, not week to week.

I have been doing SW for over a year now, and some weeks i would maintain or STS for no reason....the next week i would lose again - everyone is different, so just keep to plan and i promise the weight will come off.

Banana's are free foods - so unless you mush/mash them (like in a smoothie) or cook them you can eat these freely. I think you may have had too little syns. The minimum is 5 a day, and the recommended is 8-12. Try to up your syns and dont be worried by doing this - its part of the plan rules....!

Good luck xxx


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Elle took the words right out of my mouth. Definitely look at your weight loss over a month, it will even out. Dont get despondent, sometimes your body trys to hoard your fat in reaction, it will sort itself out.


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i had a STS in my 2nd or 3rd week. couldn't understand but then i realised that i'd reduced my syns from 12-15 a day down to around 8 a day. i upped my syns and got a good loss the following week!


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Sorry to hear you're disappointed. Congrats on week ones loss though!
I lost 5.5 lbs last week following Xmas and looked on my scales this week and I've put on at least a pound! No reason for it at all bit think I was just really flukey last week.
Our bodies work in mysterious ways!


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I have done SW a few times 'blush' - more than a few times - bigger blush. It really doesn't matter what you lose in your first week (although a big loss does spur us all on to try a bit harder the 2nd week etc) and yes I have been disappointed with a STS the 2nd week and even a gain one time in the 2nd week !

HOWEVER, from experience I have found that about 20 weeks into the plan I have always lost about between 20 - 28 lb's - no matter whether I've had gains or losses or stay the sames - 20 weeks into plan it's about 2 stones'ish.

So, don't feel disheartened - keep that chin up - do as good again this week on plan and you;'ll probably have that loss this week - and 20 weeks in - post again and let us know how much you've lost.

Good luck.


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G: 11st7lb
Thanks to u all for your support and advice, still giving it my all as I love SW, it is so great to be able to eat nice foods and know they are free. Heres to a loss this week

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