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Stuart Hurst

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Hey up

Just thought I'd say hello to you all. I love these support forums as long as things don't kick off and people get personal with each other.

Why am I here? - Mmmm - I love to cook and eat :( I used to be in the airforce and was a healthy 11 1/2 stone, fit etc.etc.

Life came along outside and the weight piled on so much so that on my 40th, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and needed to change as my BMI was around 48

So, 9 months later and a few issues dealing with the diabetes, I'm on the cambridge diet at the end of my first week having lost 12lbs and bringing me 1lb over 20st.

Various other diets have worked to remove the inital 4 stone, but CD hopefully will allow me to control the diabetes a little more effectively.

However, it's blooming hard. A few concerns with going hypo or carb withdrawel might now be abated thanks to the great councillor I have who prefers to help you rather than count the coppers like other "councillors" do.

So, a tetra pack for brekky and for tea and nibbling a bar during the day along with all that water could solve the feelings I get with low sugar. There's a porridge for supper with ground nutmeg and cinnamon which isn't so bad.

So - there's my first entry. I'll see how this goes and I hope that anyone else that is diabetic talks or reads this and wants to chat to me as it's really helpful to help each other.

Cya :)
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hiya stuart, welcome on board:Dwell done on weight loss btw
good look with Cd and looking forwarding to hearing ur progress:)


S: 12st6lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st6lb Loss: 0st7lb(4.02%)
Hi Stuart! Welcome! Hope you find the support you're looking for here. I'm quite new too, but have found this forum to be full of friendly and supportive people.