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Stuck in a rut...


Bears dont dig on dancin'
...would be a good reason for my weightloss to come to a standstill, virtually. Last WI was -0.5 and I lost that at the start of the week (I am one of these Scalesaholics). So I've not actually lost in 7days (today is 2d past wi).

Now I havn't done exercise for 3days as I have a nasty virus. I have stuck to the plan same as normal. I have even been eating different HEX's than I normally do...

...how do you get your weightloss going again?? Xxx
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maybe mix it up a bit, sya fi you normally do extra easy then try red and green days etc and try to get the exercse back on track. good luck :D


Bears dont dig on dancin'
I guess I should mention I'm veggie so only do Green days!! I'll get back to the exercise once my chest is better, I sound like a heavy smoker at the min, coughing all day! Lol.

I don't know there's much else I can do apart from keep at it. X


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They do say that exercise is ok if the problem is above not below your throat, so rest up, plenty of fluids! Your body is fighting bugs, it'll turn back to your fat when it has the time. (and the energy!)

frugal fifer

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hope you are feeling better soon - you may find when your health picks up again so do your losses.

Mrs V

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As the others have said...just concentrate on getting yourself better Huni and then think about the weight loss.
You cant do anything until you're better and you will probably make yourself worse if you try and over do things in an attempt to loose weight again.

Rest, get better and then tackle things.



Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ah thanks everyone! Luckily my LO slept all night only waking once because he turned on his front and wriggle right to the corner where his feet should be, head first!! who knows how he managed to get that way round! lol. So I got soe sleep yay! Still feel fluey ugh. and still managing to stick to plan. I have heard success express mentioned but don't actually know what it is?? Is it on the Body Optimise website??? xx


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Oh, and I feel quite positive about my diet as although I've not lost a great deal last week I noticed the change. Finally after losing 20lbs in total, I can see a difference. My cheapy Newlook jeans, size 16, that I squeezed (denial!) into when I bought them, are actually being hoisted up every 5 damn minutes now lol. x

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