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Students: Exam Season


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I'm currently entering my 'exam week' of my uni degree, it is at an odd time but most things for nursing are odd :p

Anyway, and ive found it so tough, ive had 2 chocolate eclairs..mikado sticks..jaffa cakes..because of stress and worry, plus ive not been eating a lot, just had one meal today! Due to simply not feeling hungry!

Anyone else find this? Any tips from students, ex-students or even anyone whos a comfort eater?
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Yep totally hun. Plus if your exams are at silly times like mine were I found myself skipping meals and then munching everything later on. Especially if I stayed up late revising. Concentrate on your exams but try to retain some control on your food if you can. If not its only one week and you can get over it

Good luck xx


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I don't really remember much from my exams (only GCSEs mind!) but resuce remedy is brilliant, I mean grape alcohol what more could you want!

I don't really have any advice, but wanted to wish you the best of luck xxxx
i know exactly how u feel!
i find it a real struggle at exam times.what i now do is try to be really organised the week before and make lots of freezer meals and snacks.also only have low syn snacks in the house and after a couple of exams treat urself to something u really want! cause after all that stress i feel i deserve chocolate


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Ive given up! Really have, its just been so much more convenient this week to NOT be on the diet, i just can't focus and am not feeling motivated and just crave sugary foods!
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Nursing student here too...just done my exams (since I'm a january starter)....

oh...what hell!!! much playing on Farmville to stop me from eating EVERYTHING!

No tips, but I sympathise! Bad bad bad exam time!


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hehe im a january starter too! Just finishing off exams this week then placement..and thats 1st year done, YAY!


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Yup. 2nd year almost done for me! I'm in the darkside though....mental health :)

Uniform now HUGE. Good job this placement is non-uniform!

goes so quick, well i got my uniform in jan, and didnt need it till march, and in that time i put on 2 stone in weight, which ive now almost lost, soooo it fits me as well as it did at the start, i couldn't get my top buttons done up back in march!
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My Uni Library didn't shut till 2am, and towards the end of my dissertation/exam cramming i would stay there till 2 and be back in at 8am when it opened. i lived on anything i could get out of the vending machines guzzling soft drinks and even started eating chocolate(i usually crave cheese) for a sugar buzz to try and stay awake.

My advice is to try and study at home so you have the option to make quick real food and try and carry some fruit/a mullerlight for sugar cravings.(they did sell both these things in my uni vending machines but i somehow managed to avoid them.)

Also try and make a little chill out time every day to de-stress.Towards the end i got really down and wanted to give up uni alltogither, but i though "well i'm only gonna do this once." So yeah you only get to do it once so try and enjoy it.

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