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Studnet diet and exercise!


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Many people reading this would possibly think that at 13st that i have little to complain about or struggle with weight wise. I however am desperate to get down to a much healthier weight.

This is for several reasons...but mainly because i have gained weight whilst being at university...i have medical problems which remain easier to deal with when my weight is lower and doctors are much more willing to treat it without the messages of 'losing weight will take the strain off of this joint'...and also becuase physically i do not like my apperance (i am a 32G, come down from a 32H but its still not comfortable to be this large uptop).

I have lost a small about of weight...all of 6lb but am struggling to lose anymore. I am unable to get to the gym because during term time i have to work 17 hours a week and attend univeristy and fit in all my voluntary work, the possibilty of evening courses starting in september.

I am aiming to cut the amount that i eat over time, by about half. I eat alot! Also, i have a Wii Fit and i aim to remain active using this.

So my over all aims....and there appear to be a few is to get active, cut my eating, to be able to lose weight. But, which is key....to fit this into a student lifestyle and budget.

My family, whom i am close to are unaware of my attempts as they do not know how strongly i feel about my weight. My brothers are al muscular and my elder sister is a Size 4 or 6. Im a size 14 to 16 so.....she doesnt quite understand how i feel.

Any support that i could get from any one i would really appreciate. Especially anyone who has gone through the same thing. Any ideas on how to curb my huge hunger pangs would be appreciated especially. I plain cannot find a way to cut my food down.

Wish me luck!!



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So the info so far is....

I am 13 stone...want to get to 10 and a half.

I have eaten so far 2 bowls of cereal, 3 pints worth of tea and cheese sandwiches. i have my evening meal to go.

I have tried to cut out biscuits and it never happens. Also bread, pasta and potatoes....if i cut them i just end up starving hungry. so i have no idea what i should do to help try and lose weight.

I have a Wii fit. At the moment i seem to be managing about an hour every other night.

So not much progress so far....hope i can get going better!


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Ok so i am managing to stick to a few of the things i should. I would normally end up snacking whilst tea is cooking becuase i am just too hungry...instead i have had a nice Green Tea with nice flavour to it.

Going to attempt a tea with no B.P.R badness, having lean steak with roasted carrotts, parsnips and sprouts. they are being roasted whole so they keep all the taste in so they taste extremly strongly. If i boil them i tend to find that they lose their flavour and aren't nice and crunchy. Hoping that it all fills me up though...and that i dont get jelous of the boy friends potatoes!

see how long i can keep this up!!



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ok...so dieting and spending a day with a sister who has pregnancy cravings is not fun. Ended up having to watch her eat KFC for half an hour today. But i was good and i refused it all and then got home to have tuna and salad.

I am managing to keep away from all Potatoe, Rice, Bread and pasta still though:))


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i dont think that i am having the best of luck.....wasnt feeling 100% last night and so i fianlly had a think and long story short....i have shingles. This is the second time i have had it. So angry becuase i have to rest as opose to exersize and i am not allowed to work or to do my voluntary work for fear of giving everyone Chicken Pox. I think with the Swine Flu that it is not the best idea really.

On the diet front though i do seem to be managing well. Last night for tea i had chicken and vegetables. Decided not to have a pudding which i would normaly have squeezed in despite not really needing it. I also have managed to switch to skimmed milk which to many prob wouldnt be a major thing but i drink about 3 pints of tea a day so it all adds up.

Hopefully despite my lovley sofa bound state i will be able to keep the hunger pangs at bay. Main aim is to keep busy with things and set times etc for eating so that i dont cave into it!

Do you have sugar in your tea? As you've said, you drink a lot of it and that extra sugar might not be helping.

I find it really hard to cut out bread / pasta etc, I think the easiest way is to switch to whole wheat bread and brown rice and pasta. A small whole wheat bread slice is 53 cals compared to 93 in white bread - so you can have 2 slices, feel full and halved the cals of having 2 white bread slices. Brown rice and pasta is also lower calories!


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yeah i have absolutley no sugar in my tea...cut it out about a year ago. But i cant switch to de-caff. I have been told i would be better off if i did. Get headaches etc when i do.

And thanks for the Advice on the Bread....hadnt thought about it logically. I have managed to cut back and since monday only had 2 slices.

General update however is that i am still not well. Just been to have a blood test sent off to see what is wrong if anything other then a virus. They are checking for almost everything. However, i am still on strict instructions to rest. so no excersize. Not even allowed to work for a while. Aching everywhere.....but holding strong and i am not delving into my comfot food to have loads of chocolate. I do not like being ill. Alot of being ill and comfort eating has lead to my weight being as it is. So i just pray that they dont find anything horrible and that its just a fluke.

not weighed myself since tuesday as of yet. Wondering when i should, i understand that most people do it once a week, is this the best time to do it?

Also wondering if anyone has ever found anything that ill completley supress their appetite, or at least a fair bit to help with my between meals cravings!!!

I find that if I try and eat as much protein as I can, I stay fuller for longer. I'm no way doing anything as strict as Atkins but - for example - a packet of Fridge Raiders (little round balls of chicken breast) followed by an apple, will keep me feeling fuller for longer than two weetabix. I also find that cutting out the refined carbs stops me from craving sugar. Think of it as a long term plan!
Thank Yo-yo that sounds like a good plan. My housemate last year did Atkins all year rounds and it was shocking. The min she had two days without the strick diet then she would pile weight back on again. I mean i am cutting out alot of my bread etc becuase i was having them in every meal which i realised wasnt good.

i need to do some shopping! My Fridge is looking rather bare!

thank you for the advice!!!

ok so i wanted to cheer myself up....(been reading and researching fo rmy dissertation all afternoon and i am still feeling rather unwell) and i was naughty and weighed myself. I am now...12 stone 12lb...im so happy! that 2lb down since tuesday :D i know i could put that back on in half a day but progress is progress! and its nice to think that my efforts so far are actually working. Will be happy if by september i can get to 12 and a half. can anyone tell me how i put my aims into my signiture? would really like that!

Go to the top of this page

Click "user CP" then there is an option at the left-hand side to amend your signature.
i tried and it kept saying i had too many characters....so i checked on Word and it says i was well within limit....im confused!
ok, so back to how things are going!!

I am stil awaiting the results of what is going on for me at the moment. There is the possibility of glandular fever, anemia or just recovering from shingles.

I have over the last two days not again been able to exersize and i have manaed to not just eat everything in the entire house. which is what i wold normally do when i have had ot stay inside the house for a long period of time.

I haven't been able to move about much which i am finding rather difficult. I think that this is going to have an effect on my weight by the end of the week.

I hav made Fridays my official weight in day, so i think that i will be struggling to get any weight off by then without the exersize unless i manage to cut my portions ammazingly by then and change what i am eating in an amazing way.

We shall see thought.

It has gotten me feeling low being in the house all of this time also. Would liek to get out a bit more!

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