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  1. CurvySam

    CurvySam Well-Known Member


    I love stuffing, could eat mash and stuffing sarnies dipped in gravy all day long, Odd lol

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me how much roughly in stuffin, I either make my own or use Aunt Bessies.

    Cheers x
  2. blackwidow

    blackwidow Well-Known Member

    can you post up the cals / sat fat from the box? i dont eat that regularly so cant remember off hand how much it is.. at a guess i would say 1 per tbsp?
  3. little*red

    little*red Don't worry, be happy :)

    For sage and onion stuffing mix per tablespoon is 0.5, must be the packet stuff i'm assuming. :)
  4. CurvySam

    CurvySam Well-Known Member

    0.5 per tbsp fantastic, i will fill my up on it lol,

    Thanks guys x
  5. Manny

    Manny Hiding

    The Aunt Bessie sage and onion balls are 5 points per 100g (sorry I don't know how many that is
  6. CurvySam

    CurvySam Well-Known Member

    Cheers manny, will dig in freezer in a bit see how many i can have for 100g, ta x
  7. CurvySam

    CurvySam Well-Known Member

    100g of aunt bessies is 4 aunt bessie stuffing balls...5 points...yum!

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