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Stupid cheat :(

Today I missed my delivery for the shakes by about a minute, i ran down the stairs and the driver had gone. The depot isn't accessible for me and they can redeliver tommorow, but I was very pissed off and hungry 'cause I'd ran out of shakes and I went and had 2 mini sausage rolls and 3 choc slices of aero. *sigh* I had two biscuits yesterday too. Feel like a big fat failure who will never be thin. :( I know it's not much, but I still shouldn't have done, and I feel like I'm just going to spiral.
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Now now now - dont beat yourself up anymore - the guilt and stress of what you have done is enough and you need to now pull yourself together and get yourself back on track. Remember why you started this in the first place. Think of how good you have felt up til now - you can do this again and will soon be back on track. You may have knocked yourself out of ketosis but you have come so far not to completely through it away. Be strong and think positive you will be ok. You will get there. These little bumps will crop up now and then but you will be stronger and better at dealing with them. Chin up, refocus and before you know it you will be even more beautiful than you already are. xxx
Don't be so hard on yourself hun, we all slip up.
Your not a failure. Tomorrows another day, brush today under the carpet.

Good luck :)
Unfortunately I cheated yesterday too - pretty epically. I went to weatherspoons and had a gourmet burger and some alcohol. Today so far, I've been 100%. Determined to keep going, although I am saddened that I probably put on weight due to my cheat days/will prob only have a small loss. I started diet on 14th March and I wanted to notice a bit of a loss in my clothes a week tomorrow for my nursing interview, so I'd feel more confident, but oh well, such is life. Thank you everyone for your kind and supportive words, this website really helps me keep plodding along!


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dont worry amy u will be ok, and if u have a slight gain dont let it get u down. Ive had a binge this week and put on 1lb, I almost got into the eat what i want zone but am determined to be good now, u can do it too, hope its going well now

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