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Stupid question me thinks !

Hi everyone i have four Atkins books in front of me and i cant see the woods for the trees so to speak !! Im trying to figure out the net carb thing is it as simple as looking at the carb content of an item, then taking away the fibre content, it was a few years ago that i last did Atkins and i feel like ive missed something out ! :(
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You only take away fibre on american products. In the UK our food labelling does not include fibre as part of the total carbohydrates. So you need the total carb figure - this is your net carbs. Ignore the 'of which sugars' as you need to count both starches and sugars. xx
So... for example i bought some of morrisons finest sausages and on the label it says 1.2 g of carbohydrates per sausage, so does that mean that the sausages are 1.2 g each?? I know im sounding really thick but i thought you took the fibre content off to doh doh
RainbowCookie is right. Americans include fibre in the carbohydrates, the British put it on its own on the labels. So if it's an US product, the net carbs are total carbs minus fibre. If it's a British product then your carbs are simply whatever is says under total carbs. If you deduct the fibre from a British product you'll be undercounting your carbs. It seems confusing as the books are really written for the US market. If your sausages say 1.2g total carbs per sausage, then that's what they are.
Phew oki coki i understand now, i bought some ready to eat sausages from morrisons on offer, best not eat them as they have 13g of carbs for 250g, will give them to the kids lol !
Could be worse, I would weigh them and work out what it is per sausage before you give them away, lol. As long as you dont eat 6 of them in one go you'll be fine. :rotflmao: xx
Sausages seem to be a real problem round here LOL. There are some low carb ones around though. I found some in Lidol that are only 1 G per 100 G. I saw a post as well saying you can get the low carb ones at Morrisons and Asda,
Hi Jim i saw the pic on here of the ones in LIDL, so i went in with the pic in my head, and bought 2 packets of them, thanks jim they are lovely !

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