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Stupid question...

I know this might be a silly question..but how much water are you suppose to use with the sachet..?? I asked the pharmacist and she said that it said on the bag but then she accidentally went and gave me the maintenance bad... :doh: I rang the lipotrim people and the person I spoke to wasn't sure..but she said 250ml...but I thought I read somewhere it was 450ml..?! Is that riight..?? Help. Lol. x
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Oh good. That's what I've been doing. Thanks Hun! x


Determined to succeed ...
Hi Binny...


Just noticed that you are at the start of your weight-loss journey.

Wishing you all the very best - it's an amazing diet for results and the girls and guys on here are so supportive.

Good Luck - stick with it, after the first few days, it's an absolute doddle.!!


Determined to succeed ...
Good Luck to 'Jenben' too ... You'll be great! :)
Yeah it's 240. 450 is for men - I accidentally did this in the first couple of days lol, dunno how I actually drank those watery shakes, what an idiot!! x
Lol. Thanks girls. I was just about to make my first but decided to ring because I wasn't sure. Good thing I did. Lol. Ugh so day one is almost over and I feel soo drained it's not even funny. I'm not hungry..I'm just craving things and I'm tiired..ergh x
The morning was fine but come 2pm I was feeling a bit siick and soo hungry...I'm sure it'll pass...Just gotta stick to it.. x
I use 400ml just because I like it much better this way - and I increase my water intake. :)
I have mine with 550mls water because I dont like it tasting strong :) I checked it was OK with LT to do this and they said it was fine... the extra 300ml over the normal 250ml just counts towards my water intake :)
I use 250ml to 300ml of water. Good Luck with LT. The hunger definatley passes, stic with it.
I definitely went to sleep early last night AND woke up late. Haha. Haven't even had my first shake yet..I've been putting 250 to 300ml in ...I think they're alright... x
If I'm not very hungry I use 250-300ml cos the flavour is better but if I need to feel full, I use 400ml cos then my daft mind thinks I'm getting extra!

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