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S: 20st3lb C: 20st3lb BMI: 50.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I've had the worst week ever!!:cry:
I thought id be clever and have an AAM week, but having food every day has spiralled out of control :break_diet:
Not only have i had salad every evening but ive also had crisps biscuits and cakes.
Ive been covering holiday at work this week i normally only work fri and sat night but ive been in all week and joined my colleagues with their takeaways (had an indian!!!!! on tuesday and a portion of chip shop chips on wednesday followed my masses of chocolate:eek:)
I cant beleive ive been so bloody stupid. I weighed in on Moday morning and lost 6lb but i've put it all back on with my stupidity!
My god this diet is the hardest thing ive ever done in my life:( :( :( :(
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come on dont think like that whats done is done just forget about it and start fresh today or tommorrow your only human and we have all done it if you think about it its only food, maybe get some of the bars to have as treat in evening after your meal

good luck with the weekend i am back on cd for the weekend to thank god its going to rain that way i wont be tempted to have a glass of wine tehexx


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Forget the past and concerntrate on today. There is no need in beating yourself up about it. Be strong and if you have to take it hour by hour. We are here to support you :p
Chin up mate! Draw a line under it and start a fresh today,thats what I am doing after putting on 5lb in 2 days(don't ask)

I also work nights but find it easier as I'm kept busy



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I've been on minimins every day, but only to play Scrabble Blast! Haven't had the heart to read posts let alone join in. I know just how you feel Trina - but you've done the right thing by getting on here and sharing. Everyone is just so supportive and inspiring. Remember there are loads of us battling with this, having good days and bad days, successes and what we think are failures. I've found that it takes head space - if I give it head space, I can do it. If I don't really concentrate I forget why I'm doing it and eat (and eat and eat and eat). Write down how you feel when you resist temptation, how powerful and in control you feel. How good it is. Then, when you're tempted, go back and read the good bits - it might help! Good luck, stay with it. The success stories prove it can be done - which means that you (and me!) can do it too!! xx
C'mon now you can do it. You have obviously succeeded for some time and know you can do it. Take out some old clothes and/or photos and take a good hard look at them, now look in the mirror and marvel at the difference.

Draw a line under it adn start again today or tomorrow. It won't be as bad as the beginning as you now know what to expect.

Chin up mate, get right back up and re-start.


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S: 20st3lb C: 20st3lb BMI: 50.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks guys.......I just needed someone to tell me it dont matter but NOT to do it again...lol x

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