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I do think it would be a great idea to have recipes separated for different plans , I do red days and find that most recipes are aimed at EE now and i only have 1 recipe book that has purely red recipes ..... sub forums would be fantastic :D
Thanks for getting back to me i think it will help people more rather than searching through the website etc .... i dont know how how it would be set up - who would i need to see with regards to this do you know? x
yeah i think its a good idea. im often troweling through the recipes section just for a red meal idea.

it does help that some recipes have Red before the thread title. can anyone tell me how to do this? or do you just literally type it and change the colour? maybe thats a silly question. lol. x


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The trouble is there is already a function to do this - its just that people dont use it!

The chances are if there were separate forums, people still wouldnt use them correctly, and the mods would have to spend even more time moving things to the correct place.

What should happen is when you start a new thread there is an option to select a prefix: "Original; Extra Easy; Red Days; Green Days; Extra Easy Days" Actually - that could do with updating as there is some repetition there with the Original/Red and Extra Easy/Extra Easy days. And I'm sure there used to be a "Puddings" one?

I'm not sure this idea is a go-er to be honest, there are a ton of sub-forums already that arent used properly, but it would be good to see better use of the prefixes.
Lorna grace - i think when you go to start a new thread you just type like you say in the diffrent colours on the prefix bit lol i aint to sure. hope this helps a little :wave_cry:
Like Mandy has said, although it is a good idea in theory, members will still post in the incorrect place and it will just become all jumbled up, making more work for the moderators. They already have to move heaps of posts daily, where syns post etc are not put in the correct sub forum.


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Staff could make the prefixes compulsory in the recipes section, that means you wouldn't be able to post a recipe without choosing a prefix first...that might get people using them a bit more.
Not all the threads in the recipes section are actual recipes though, some are questions too...so if prefixes were made compulsory it might be an idea to add an extra prefix...something like "question" or "advice" instead of the red/green/ee.

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