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Success on propoints whilst breastfeeding?

Hi everyone

Im currently 25 weeks pregnant with a little girl :D, have so far put on 8 pounds which im fairly pleased with. I have a son whos 2 (which i put 7 stone on with whilst preg!!)
I have recently started thinking about what to do after Ive had her, weight loss wise. I`ll be 29 by the time i have her and am determined to hit 30 slim! Im 14 st 6 at the moment and only 5 ft 2 so have a lot to lose. I am traditionally a WW girl but have sloped around to other diets in my time (VLCD`s, Atkins, Rosemary Conley, SW - you name it, ive done it!)

I havent done propoints yet but like the fact that its breastfeeding friendly, allowing me to hopefully lose weight whilst feeding. So my question is when i eventually get there, has anyone done propoints whilst breastfeeding and seen a steady loss without any interruption to their milk supply?

Just looking for some advice and success stories really :)

Katy xx
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Hi Katy

Although I didn't do WWPP while BF'ing, I have had fab results from it afterwards.

Really I just wanted to say that you have done amazingly to only gain 8lbs. I gained more than 1lb for every week I was pregnant, so, by your stage I was at least 25lb heavier.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and I'm sure you will loose the weight lovely once you give birth to a beautiful baby. I hope you are excited :family2:
Ah thank you K8G, I was determined to not go crazy this time due to the amount I put on with Jack.
Thank you for your post it sounds like a great plan. I am very very excited, its a lovely time :)


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Hi hun
Are u following ww atm?
I can't comment on loosing weight with ww as I didn't do it but did it easily with sw and as long as u have enough water it shouldn't hinder your supply (am a bf support worker) x
Hi hun
Thanks for replying, im just currently healthy eating, trying to stick to around 1400 cals a day but whenever im hungry i eat.

So would you suggest i could just stay with calorie counting and maybe add a few more hundred or something? I really want to try and bf as tried and failed with my son so i dont want my weightloss attempts to hinder milk supply but also want to make inroads with the weight loss and just not sure what plan to go with



Slimming for my children
Hi hun you didn't fail u prob just didnt have the right support! And as long as baby is happy and healthy it's fine.

But if u need any advice email me I can help re bf.

Re food. I can't comment on pregnancy but with a big company like ww I am sure they would have looked into it thoroughly and I would trust what they say. X
Great thanks for the offer of help with bf, im sure i`ll be in touch all the time when shes here! Ive bought a book on bf, "the food of love". With my son, he seemed to latch okay but fell asleep constantly at the breast and by day 6 he still hardly seemed to be taking a thing. His nappies were bone dry barring a tiny squirt of bright orange urine so i jumped straight to bottles as it was just a relief to see him eat.

Im hoping doing it second time round i`ll be a little calmer and hopefully crack it!



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I bf my first until 14 months with no problems, my second baby i joined ww when he was 10 weeks old, and to be honest i did see my milk supply fall, and i felt very hungry. In the end i had to put my diet on hold and concentrate on feeding, then resumed dieting once he had reduced the amount he was feeding (less on demand, more into a routine, not every 2 hours lol!!).

I think it will depend on from person to person, and baby to baby. My two were hungry little boys, both would feed 2 hourly and drain both sides, and looked like little sumo wrestlers :) So as a result i needed to eat more to accomodate that, and keep my energy levels up too - bf'ing is draining!

Best of luck whatever you decide to do - i would say give it a go but trust your instincts, if you don't think baby is getting enough, put dieting on hold, they won't be babies forever and you have much more time afterwards to loose weight xx


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Maybe in this case one would be better to do the simply filling technique? where you eat the highlighted green stuff as much as you need for 3 meals, and then have your 49 weeklies for everything else.

That way it would give you lots of healthy food and you would ensure you wouldn't be too hungry. x


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hannata said:
Maybe in this case one would be better to do the simply filling technique? where you eat the highlighted green stuff as much as you need for 3 meals, and then have your 49 weeklies for everything else.

That way it would give you lots of healthy food and you would ensure you wouldn't be too hungry. x
Yea I agree as that's very much like sw and I never went hungry! X
Thanks for all your ideas and input. I completely agree that bf doesnt appear to be something you can wholly predict or plan for and whilst i would love to hit the floor running with the weight loss, BF bubs is really important to me and is definately a priority.

Hannata, I wasnt aware of the simply filling technique, that sounds interesting i will look into that!


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You get an extra 7 points a day when your a nursing mother, plus your doing the right thing at the moment by eating healthily and not going made, when I was pregnant with my son I weighed 15 stone at booking in, when I was weighed the day before delivery ( I had a c section) I had put on 11 kilos. Just over a stone, I was on the risk list for gestaional diabetes and was testing blood sugars 4 times a day, after I had my 9lb monster and breast fed for 3 weeks I was down at 14 7, don't deny yourself food, but make it a good choice, yoghurt and fruit to keep up your calcium and vits, good luck x x
Thanks for the link, i`ll have a look at that!
Thats what im hoping this time Minxymoo, ideally once all the normal baby/water/blood etc has worked its way out, to be back at my start weight or maybe even a little lower. Then i just have to tackle the excess 3 1/2 stone i was already carrying before pregnant. I find i generally eat well, never hungry just not eating rubbish, altho this last week i can feel my desire for naughty food going up and up! :sigh:


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I did ww whilst breastfeeding (when son was 12 weeks old until he was about 5 months old) - no issues with supply and I had really good losses. I went from 13 st 2 lbs down to 11 st 7 lbs (I was 13 st 7 lbs when I got back from the hospital with him so BFing alone certainly didn't lose much weight for me. I think I was about 15 st at the height of my pg). Came off it for Christmas and stupidly started gaining it back...despite BFing until 14 months.

That was on the old ww points though + 6 extra for exclusive BFing. That changed shortly afterwards to 10 extra for BFing (I am talking more than 6 yrs ago now!). I would imagine that WW have a very good plan in place for BFing mothers now on PP. The one thing I did do, that I didn't alway when following WW when not BFing, was eat ALL my points each day.
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Thanks for your story Zeke, thats interesting to know. I think it definately seems to help to eat all the points, and that probs wont be difficult for me either :)

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