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Success to Depressed

I've been on the Lipotrim diet since May of last year, and despite taking four months off at the beginning of this year (a few trips to the hospital for pancreastitus), I've gone from 21 stone 11 pounds, down to 13 stone 1 pound (I'm 5'10").
I've never previously been on a diet in my life and found this absolutely fantastic. The diet was very easy to stick to and I didn't feel bad on it at all. It's fair to say I'm a new man (or nearly half the man I was ;)).

Unfortunately I seem to have hit a very sudden wall, and it's driving me to distraction.
I've gone from a very regular weight loss, to only losing four pounds over the last four weeks, and in the last four days I have only lost half a pound :(
Now having been on the diet for so long I'm used to the occasional stall in weight loss, but never has it been so long, and it wasn't a gradual tapering off, it was just suddenly one week I didn't lose anything. This despite going to the gym three nights a week (as I have done for the last eight months), where if the machines are correct I'm burning off over 700 calories a session, despite my daily intake being less than 500 calories. And unlike in the past where I have felt perfectly fine on the diet (better than fine actually, as I have been able to do a lot more as the weight came off), but for the last month I have been noticeably tired and hungry all day, every day.

I'm probably going through a bit of a downer at the moment as I had hoped to reach my target weight of 11 stone 7 pounds by the beginning of September, and now it is looking as though that isn't achievable, and I could be on the diet for several months yet.

Just wanting to get it off my chest.
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I don't think you have too much to moan about mate. You have done extraordinarily well. I'd be very happy to be at your weight! Well done.


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Oh dear. Poor you. It's so disheartening isn't it.

Have you tried measuring yourself to see if you are losing inches?

I can't help but wonder if the amount you are doing at the gym is the problem. Maybe at the beginning you had enough fat to burn, but as you lose weight a larger portion of your weightloss will be lean mass.

Doing that amount of work with such a small amount of calories in, could be causing the stall as you would have probably gone into starvation mode. Your body will be clinging onto every last pound possible to protect your vital organs.

Personally, I really feel that you should either ease up on the exercise until you are at goal, or should include some food with your shakes.

I'm not sure about LT, but with Cambridge you wouldn't be allowed to SS with so much exercise and you would need to do one of the other Cambridge plans.

It would be worth talking to your pharmacist to see what he suggests.

Very best of luck. You've done brilliantly...in fact, you are still doing brilliantly!...just you might have to find a work around if you intend to keep the great work up at the gym.
Hang on in there boss, but I must say 11st 7 seems a low ideal for someone who is 5'10" which BMI scale are you using?
But whatever you do I hope you get there soon good luck fella!
It's the Gym....

Burning Calories in the gym with such a small intake of cals isnt good, your body is hanging on to its fat cells for dear life. Ease up on the gym for a week and see if it's the culprite - If not then at least you've eliminated it.

Good luck and well done on the loss so far xxx

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You have come so fantastically far! Try what blue_grapefruit suggests and give the gym a miss for a week and see if that has an impact on your loss. Here's hoping hun! Let us know how you get on! x


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I've been feeling guilty coz I haven't been doing as much exercise as I thought I should, I didn't realise you could do too much on LT!

Does anyone know what the ideal amount of time you should exercise is?

if you keel over you have gone too far ;-p x
Thanks guys and gals.
I know I have absolutely no right to complain, in fact i AM actually very proud of what I have achieved. I never thought I would feel this good again.

But it looks like I might have to revise my goals, as I don't feel I can give up the gym. In fact it was the thought of being able to take up exercise again that motivated me to lose weight.
I've gone from someone who couldn't have run 25 yards last May to someone who can now run for 25 minutes. The only downside is that my knees tell me I could do with losing a touch more. And I have my name down for a certain event next April that could require me running a "little" further.
So it looks as though I might have to review my weight loss gain as long as the gym work keeps going OK.

I will say that despite being on a bit of a downer today, Lipotrim is definitely the best thing that ever happened to me, as I know that I would not be able to stick to any other diet in the same way that I have been able to stick to Lipotrim.


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Wow u have done really well and kept it off. Fair play to u. Hope u get what u want.


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But it looks like I might have to revise my goals, as I don't feel I can give up the gym.
That's brilliant. You do need to eat more though, otherwise the body will start to canabolize itself....not cool;)

Maybe LT has done it's job now. Time to start refeeding and using the gym to stop any more muscle loss?


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Thanks KD, will do what I can. I've always done a lot of walking but aerobics has been very hit and miss depending on when I work.

Gaz - you are a card! You do make me laugh! Thank you. x


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