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Success Toeing the NHS Line?


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Hi ISN, That's very interesting being GIVEN a diet to follow! I was never given any advice like that apart from the everlasting (unwanted) advice of losing weight!

Being on a low carb diet may well not be enough for weight loss as you still have to be very aware of your calorie intake..that's the main weight loss factor. The carbs bit will help in decreasing your Bg levels which is extremely important for DBs.

Have you joined any of the DB forums online? They are very helpful with any of those sorts of problems you may have.

All the best to you.... :)
My GP and nurse seem to be be pretty good when it comes to backing up their concerns with practical help and guidance. However the guidelines from the NHS is to base your diet on half fruit and veg, as much as 30 - 35 % starchy carbs and small portions of protein and some dairy. That amount of starchy carb seems like it would spike my BG levels a lot. I've been calorie counting for a few months before being diagnosed, so hopefully I can switch over smoothly enough if I decide to go down that route.

I've had a browse at a few of the diabetes sites, but have yet to find one geared towards my kind of age bracket (27).

I popped on there at the weekend. It seemed fairly quiet, but that may just be because it was a Saturday. I'll go back across and take a proper look around. Thanks Emma! :)



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I am an Atkins girl. My doctor and I did a little experiment where I followed NHS advice for a while. I lost no weight, in fact, gained some and my cholesterol shot up. Then we had a look at all the low carb diets. Diabetes treatment is directly linked to carb intake after all as carbs are turned into sugar. We decided on Atkins and I have never looked back. My weight has just been dropping off and I am on the lowest amount of insulin I have ever been on. My cholesterol is fine now too. My doctor is delighted.
I hope this helps.
Thanks for that Leanne! That's exactly the type of story that's making me look more seriously at low carbing. I think I'm going to bring the subject up at the clinic. Congratulations on your success!

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