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Sucess Express Sample Menu?

Ive been doing Success express lately and having good results........

I fill 2 thirds of my plate with superfree foods, such as salad and the remaining third with either chicken/fish (but you can have pasta/spuds or a combo of red/green as long as it only fills that third of the plate)

One of my faves is a whole load of roasted veg - courgette/peppers/butternut squash/onions etc with fish/chicken.
I also do stir fry alot and you can get low fat stir fry sauces to throw over ( and Syn of course)

Hope that gives you a couple of ideas, i must admit i dont vary things very much, but whilst its foods i enjoy and i am seeing losses, i will continue. x
I am having a success express day today...well kinda. I am just concentrating on superfree foods really!

Breakfast was two quorn sausages (superfree) with 2 slices of hovis wholemeal bread (HE-B) and ketchup for 2 syns.

Lunch was a big salad with Quorn Tikka pieces, lettuce, cabbage, carrot, tomatoes (all superfree), sweetcorn (green) and . Mayo for 3 syns. Then I had some strawberries.

Dinner will be roast, stuffed aubergine with onion, garlic, mushroom, courgette (all superfree) with cheese on top (HE-A)

So, whilst not strictly SE (I am not really following the 2/3 superfree and 1/3 other rule - I am sticking to mostly superfree) that might help you a little bit?!?!


Loves Norman Reedus
but dont you have to have 2/3 of every meal superfree, so technically your breakkie wasnt correct. (am i right)?
Sorry for late reply - for breakfast I have fruit - normally mixed berries with yoghurt
but dont you have to have 2/3 of every meal superfree, so technically your breakkie wasnt correct. (am i right)?
Technically yes...although the sausages by volume probably were about 2/3 to the two thin slices of bread. But as I'm not doing Success Express fully...just superfree...then it's ok :D
:) thanks for suggestions guys...mmm that quorn sausage sw is making my mouth water!

am thinking for dinner tonight I will have 2 poached eggs with a couple of quorn sausages, and some baked beans... and then maybe some melon a bit later on...

(and possibly some ketchup now its on my mind ;) )

Thinking about free brekkie ideas, i dont usually have time to cook anything in the morning, or stop for breakfast for that matter, i take it to work and have it at my desk... but would something liek f/f yoghurt and fruit be ok thats all free isnt it? or maybe have some shredded wheat or something wth it as hexB?

am def going to do EE next week lol give myself a break from salad (my lack of creativity on this plan means ive had it every day this week!)

might go the stirfry route tomorrow... or maybe roasted veg again coz its YUMMY :)

Hope everybody getting on ok with their plans

How are you finding your mainly superfree foods plan working for you Helliecopter? xx
I've only done it once before and for just a couple of days, but I had a good loss that week.

My losses are steady and slow...which is ok, but now and then a girl needs a boost, you know?! So I am giving this a go until Sunday night, when OH is back from trekking up mountains and will want something hearty and meaty...but I might do roast veg and steak, so still do success express for me.

I'll let you know if it really works come Wednesday night!
Cool, well good luck with it I hope it works for you :)

Yeah, let us know your results :)

I think im tempted to do SE/mainly superfree during the week with minimal syns so i can relax a bit more and maybe have a treat at the weekend... but not sure yet...
this week was my first week back into slimming world so just thought i would see how i go... and i didnt weigh in on monday lol so wont really know my loss...

feeling less bloated though so thats a good sign :)
Yeah that's a good sign :)

You'll need to give it a bit of time and experimentation - you might be ok doing loads of SE/Superfree and saving syns, but it doesn't work brilliantly for some people. If I do that, I tend not to have a loss on the week overall. I have, over time, sussed out that if I eat more evenly I lose better. Generally. Some people are fine being more relaxed at weekends but for me it just doesn't work. Probably cos I find it harder to stick to say...50 syns on a Saturday night and then 5 or 6 a day the rest of the week. I tend to go a bit loopy on my 'relaxed' day, forget to count, drink wine til I keel over, get the munchies...and then have to deal with the sunday hangover burger cravings too!

I am waffling! I am sure you'll work out what works for you :D
hmm i know what you mean.. I have an awful tendency of letting my "relaxed" day turn into a binge day...

will have to have some control here and see what goes... if not i will just have to keep a tight rein on myself all the time


itll be worth it though!!!
ill keep telling myself that!


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