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Suddenly Changing Shape

I've been struggling for the past couple of months and haven't lost any weight for at least that long but I have been working out some and mostly following plan. All of a sudden my pants are falling off!:eek: Agian, I haven't lost ANY weight but my shape seems to be changing! What is going on? Has anyone else experienced this?
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Well done!

If you're working out lots then you're going to be more toned, have more muscle, and muscle, pound for pound, takes up less space than fat, so even though you may not have lost weight, you're becoming slimmer because you're more toned :)

Keep up the great work!!
I guess I'm just shocked because I don't feel I've been working out enough to warrant losing inches. I have completely skipped working out some weeks and other weeks I have worked out everyday, so I figured it wouldn't add up to much since I haven't been consistant.


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I've stayed the same for the past 3 weeks, but my hubby says I've changed shape though, even my father in law commented on it today too. Hubby says that I always change shape first then loose weigh, so fingers crossed....
Happens! I didn't think my body had changed much even though I'd done 160km running in the space of 2 weeks, everyone said it looked like I'd lost loads, from my face. Then the next week when I started doing an abs workout rather than running, I saw the difference in my body shape, but didn't lose much over the next two weeks.

Had someone so lovely today point out exactly where they'd noticed my shape had changed from, it was such a nice feeling, as odd as it sounds...



is working hard.....
Yes definitely - I dropped dress sizes before the pounds - puzzled me greatly too and not sure I understand the science! But its lovely to see the body changes and clothes differences.



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nope i dont understand it either!
up to 1.5stone there was next to no difference in my clothes etc.
literally over the space of a few days my body changed and i dropped over a dress size! by the time i got to 2 stone loss a few weeks later i had gone from a proper 14 to a 10/12!
I had an incident this week where after standing up from my desk at work my trousers fell down - I managed to avoid embarrassment by catching them in time but had to walk around the rest of the day with my hands in my pockets, holding the trousers up!

It's the first time I've noticed a difference that isn't the number the SW consultant gives me, it's the first physical difference which I found a little shocking considering I've lost 2 stone and 12.5 pounds in 8 weeks - I'm huge to begin with though and after a little thinking I came up with the thought that letting a litre of air out of a hot air balloon doesn't make a difference, releasing a litre of air from a football does make a difference - so that's how I have looked at it, the more weight I lose; the smaller the weight loss interval between clothing purchases.

I hope that makes sense?
OMG I had the same thing! We have a "non uniform day" on the last working day of the month. I wore 3/4 trousers and they were literally falling down. Luckily we were off out after work so I had my jeans (with a belt!) with me so put those on. Couldnt believe it! Really didnt feel thinner yet. xx


Now to maintain.....
I lost 3lbs this week! I guess my shape changing really did have something to do with weight loss, it just hadn't showed up yet. Weird.
woo hoo!!! well done x

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