Weight loss advice


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Over the last past months I‘ve been trying to lose weight. My ultimate goal is about 24 kgs (52 pounds) from my current weight and I‘ve lost 6 kgs (13 pounds) so far. But at the moment I just can’t seem to lose weight, I‘m in a huge calorie deficit with additional workout and daily activity. But despite that I haven’t been able to lose any weight for 6 months or more now. Please give me some advice as I want to reach my goal before August this is my last hope 🐼
Have you checked your health? The problem may be caused by hormones. Also in the start of losing weight the first result is always the most impressive, and then you notice like you stand at the one point and have no move. This is actually not right - your body is trying to get use to these changes. Your brain is shocked by having not enough carbs and your body tries to save it anyway. So now your body is in stress. It is important not to give up and continue trainings (but please, don't torture yourself with unstoppable activities and low-calorie food!)
All the best!