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Sugar Free 10 kcal Jelly

I am on TS and found it extremely difficult in the first week so added a Hartleys Sugar Free jelly portion per night (there is no citric acid in Hartleys but there is in Rowntrees) anyway I found it really got me through and stopped me failing as I have done in the past plus I lost 10lb so YAY!
.. Are we allowed to have them on TS?
The Exante Total Solution plan is just 3 packs of exante per day, you are not meant to eat any food apart from when you're doing the AAM week (that's if you choose to do the AAM). So the answer is no I guess. But whether you want to have it or not is totally up to you of course. I craved a slice of bread yesterday on day 1, it was only me who could choose to eat it or say no... somehow I said no lol.

Maybe if you're struggling you could try doing Working Solution or even Simple Solution if you're really struggling too much with Total Solution. I am on day 2, absolutely starving but trying SO hard not to give in :(.
Twixaholic said:
It is hard, but I'm willing to stick to it! Just thought I'd look for some thing to help me keep away from the biscuit tin!!! :$
Lol you sound just like me! The sf jelly portions certainly kept me away from the biscuit tin and even though some people think it's cheating to find something to get you through TS I didn't feel like I was cheating, everyone is different, some people find it easier with a teeny bit of flexibility and some find it easier to be totally 100% and nothing else so whatever works for u go for it. Good luck xx
I agree with the 100% approach, but in reality it's hard to imagine going for a massive length of time on a bar and two shakes. It's tough. My problem has always been boredom of drinking, and I went throguht Lighter Life for 16 weeks on black coffee, black tea, green tea and water. If I'd known then you could add Coke Zero and Dr Pepper Zero it would really have helped me.

Personally, the total solution is not about not eating anything at all. It's about losing the weight as quickly as I can whilst prepareing my plan for life after VLCD. I understand my mistakes of the past, and so if I cheat, it's about getting back on the horse - that's what post-VLCD life will be about too - if you have a silly meal, don't follow it with another....

Just thought I'd add this, as I see no problem with adding a small jelly or whatever if you keep losing, keep in ketosis and find it helpful - do what works for you.
The thing to remember is no one is saying omg no way can you eat anything while on TS otherwise you'll fail :p, we're just answering the original question and stating why because of the 'rules' whilst you are following this particular plan. If a jelly or two gets you through, do it, that's totally your choice... I have absolutely no problem with that and totally understand how hard TS is because I'm doing it myself, but if you are adding foods to your daily routine of 3 shakes then in reality you aren't really following TS, you're more likely in the category of Working Solution? so perhaps doing that plan will help you ease into Total Solution. Either way I've not cheated once and I'm currently on day 3 of TS, have I been hungry and wanted to 'cheat' over the first 2 days? HELL yes I did but I stayed strong and didn't give in, and guess what? it's totally paid off! I'm now on day 3 doing 100% TS and I don't feel hungry anymore and I'm not craving :D. When I saw TV adverts advertising food or cookery shows on day 1 and 2 I literally drooled and had to turn over because it was too difficult to watch, today I feel nothing while watching them. I really didn't believe the 100's of posts about on day 3 or 4 you wont feel hunger, silly I know, but I thought with how hungry I felt on day 1 and 2 it would be impossible but I'm so thankful I was proven wrong.

So if you can stick to it do it and by day 3 or 4 you'll be grateful you did. But on the other hand I totally understand everyone's life differs and our motivation varies and like I said before if you find it that difficult maybe try Working Solution for the first week or 2 to ease you into TS.

Good luck!
Wow your so lucky! I never stopped being hungry after day 3 am nearly at the end of my 2nd week now and SF jelly made it's appearance with me on around day 5 but am so glad it did as it's got me through nearly two weeks and now as of today I am a whole 13lb lighter Yay! I'm definitely staying on TS the huge weight loss has totally spurred me on despite the 8cal jelly portion a day WOOHOO!!

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