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Sugar free gum

Deb G

Silver Member


Happily pro pointing!
Well, you are probably right, however I have succumbed at times.
I have had several pieces this week and still lost 2lbs.
The only reason they said no on abstinence is because citric acid I beleive and that isn't an issue now.
I asked my LLC about ketosis and RTM and she said no way now, we are eating far too many carbs to be in ketosis.
I spent Friday night and most of Saturday up the hospital with my DD and didn't eat until 2.30 on Saturday afternoon and not once was I hungry, so I thought it could be ketosis but she said definitely not. Probably a mixture of tiredness, emotion and being in tune with my bodies needs.

I'm not going to go mad with it, but if I feel the need I don't see the big deal really.

Deb G

Silver Member
No - that's what I thought......and afterall....its not like we're talking a huge sticky bun!

Deb G

Silver Member
Don't think we're 'allowed' either - but at least with SF Gum you're not actually swallowing anything - nto sure if that makes a difference or not - but in MY mind it does!!!

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