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Sugar free jelly???

Hi everyone
Ive made the sugar free jelly with 150 ml of whipped cream... and its delicious thinks its nearly totm because i was like a woman posessed looking for the jelly in the supermarket .. Anyway how many portions should that jelly and cream last for? im thinking maybe 3 portions.. but if anyone wants to say i can eat it all at once well thats good too lol x:)
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Alway see the love x
Ive made and eat it in 1 sitting..... I dare any1 to tell me I cant... BECAUSE ITS COMING UP TO MY TOTM AND I NEED IT!!!!! Thankyou...

Woofy X


Alway see the love x
U go girl!!!
<<< Has her spoon ready Oh its lush!!!
Im going to make more so its all ready to rumble for 2m....

I eat it all last week and still went on the shifting the weight....

WOOP! WOOP! for jelly and cream!!

Woofy X
It tastes like trifle, i have just put more in for tomorrow lol is it not too much cream though? thought you were supposed to have a couple ot tablespoons a day, or should i just think sod it, its my totm and its better than eating bread or pasta lol !!
Is sugar free jelly bad? Please tell me its not! :cry:

Ohhhhhhhhhhh and what kind of cream can we use with it? I'm sooooo looking forward to having some of that! :p


Alway see the love x
Jelly can stall.... But I seem to be ok... Alot now and then cant hurt hee hee

Full fat cream, oh the thick stuff is yummy...

How u feeling 2n, Craig?

Woofy X


Alway see the love x
I dont whisk anything. I do the jelly in 1/2 pint of hot water, let it kind of cool down and slosh in the cream, mix and bung it in the fridge. Yesterday I nearly just drank it... Oh it looked good

Woofy X


Alway see the love x
You'll never guess what I'm going out to buy tomorrow! Ohhhhhhhhhhh so excited!
Hope its ok with you what with it being your 1st week.... I stayed away from everything that wasnt green and clean ( Oh I sound like Jim. Jim) for the 1st 2 weeks.... He would answer but hes left us home alone...His with Mrs Jim. Jim... TUT.....How dare he!! lol

Woofy X
Hiya Woofy - Well maybe I'll take that on board and see how I get on without it, but I am looking forward to getting my hands on it once those two weeks are over and done with!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
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ooo i love it , havent made it in weeks incase it was that that was stopping the weight 'falling' off but ive tried cutting everything out at some point in the last 6 weeks and its still not helped so im just resigned to only loosing a lb a week (not last week :0))
as rach so rightly said its better to loose slower and enjoy the programme than fall off the wagon with boredom :0) ive been kind of doing owl so im having the odd nuts or a couple of berries and it seems to be still ticking over the same ( the 2lb gain is gone now totm is nearly over ) so ill just potter along like this until im nearly at goalxx


Alway see the love x
Ive been having hand fulls of nuts each time I go into my kitchen ( must move the nuts ) keeps me ticking over nice

Ive been keeping it green and clean as much as poss for the last week apart from the jelly and nuts OH and the vodka ka ka I had last nite. Well I couldnt let, Alibambino chin chin on her now, could I? Hee Hee

Its the case of, What works for you!!!

I can hear my jelly and cream calling.... but it will just have to wait after the roast MMMmmm

Dont you just love this eatin plan!!

Happy- Woofy X


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I've been having it everyday but also worry I'm having too much cream.
I whip it up which means you use more, but also have ceam in coffee and sauces with my dinner.
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Double cream or whipping cream?? xx

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