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Sugar Rush??


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Ok so I've been a really good girl and have lost 2 stones on my diet. Anyway.... Other half got back yesterday from a holiday and bought back some cinnabons on his way home! (bad man I know!!!) so you will never guess what I did? Yes I ate 3!!! (bad I know! REALLY bad!!) but after having that I felt really strange kinda like faint n as if the room was spinning! I didn't know what was happening to me and it has never happened so I can only put it down to having a sugar rush? Lol! Anyway after drinking plenty of water I went to bed (after eastenders of course!!) i feel better today, but I tell you what that was strange! Back to being a good girl today! Anyone experience what I did? Xxx
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ooo eastenders... was a good en !! i've not had the feeling faint, but same happened when having a binge(i used to do it a lot) i would eat to such an extent all my body would feel warm and my cheeks would feel flushed. them days was as if choc was like a drug... i would feel... dont no how descibe it. like having ciggarette where you just feel ahhh after being stressed. does that make sense?

Dont smoke any more!! over a year off now... never again- having a baby means so much more than a quick fix on a fag.- and have better things to spend my money on- nappys! lol
Seen something so disgustng the other day, a heavly pregnant woman smoking outside a pub- awful!! its one thing for you to smoke but when your unborn child is inside you and relies on you- ruddy awful!

Oops sorry i'm getting carried away, dont mean to hijack your post :)
Congrats on the weight loss!! That's the problem when you're on a restrictive diet - it can be so easy to do so well and then binge on sugary foods as soon as you come into contact with them! The fainting most likely was due to a sugar rush because you're body hasn't had sugar for so long. I always find a good way to 'diet' and maintain it is to allow yourself a treat every other day so that you don't crave it - like a couple of pieces of chocolate or something. That way your body maintains its levels and you never feel deprived. Don't feel bad if one some days you do slip though - it's only natural and like you did, the next day just go back to the diet plan :)

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