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Suggested free breakfasts

what about some fruit with a muller light or 2 for breakfast? i have that then snack on another yougurt mid morning and have a lovely free lunch at lunchtime. i usually keep my Healthy extras for evenings if i feel like a bowl of cereral before bed lol


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A big bowl of fruit is great. If you have time then a cooked breakfast with lots of mushrooms, tomatoes and beans is yummy. Omlette is good. Mullerlights and fruit.
For me its usually fruit or fruit with mullerlight as I have about 10 mins usually between getting out the shower and getting to work in the morning :) :)


A moaning old boot!!!!
It does fill me up, I just make sure that there is plenty of fruit in there!
yeah u would be surprised how filling the muller lights are. i dont have time in the mornin so i eat some fruit and usually 2 of them at my desk in work. then usually my lunch is around 1ish, so ill have another one maybe around 11ish. i also drink black coffee with sweetner which fills me up too, and drink water at my desk aswell.
if it doesnt you can eat as many as u want as they are free :)
I agree definitely a fruit and mullerlight girl and becuase its free you can have a great big bowl so you don't feel deprived. :D

I then keep my HEXBs for my alpen light bars often 1 mid morning and another mid afternoon so I feel like I am having a biscuit with my brew! This also means I have another HEXB for later in the day.

Good luck!!
I do Extra Easy, and try to have a warm breakfast in the mornings, so I usually have eggs (you can have them boiled, poached, scrambled or fried, but if you fry them, use Fry Light). I like to have beans (free on green and EE) and mushrooms. Bacon also sometimes, all fat cut off.
I like omelettes and you can fill them with lots of veg and cheese (HEA) and this really fills me up til lunchtime.
Eggs are a free food, so you can eat lots.
Low syn sausages are good too.


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personally I have fruit (berries and bananas) and yogurt (0% greek is my preference) every day. On a weekend I might add a syn free pancake.

I would love a daily cooked breakfast (eggs, beans and anything else available), but time restricts me, and my husband makes funny gagging noises (he can't bear the smell) which puts me off - unsurprisingly :eek:


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Fruit for me most days. A big bowl usually with a mango as it's base as it feels very fibrous and filling.

Omelette and grilled tomatoes - yummy. Or bacon and eggs on a red day (Spanish lomo as bacon here is 99% fat and 1% meat. Damned Oscar Mayer). Still yummy.

Beans on a green day with omelette.

Red days are easier for brekkie. I can't get my head around potatoes for breakfast even tho' I know there's nothing wrong with them.
omelette usually hits the spot for me....when i dont want to use a hex on it
Sometimes on a Green or EE day I have SW rice pudding for brekkie. It may sound a bit strange, but it's a bit like cereal really, really filling and it doesn't use any Healthy Extras. I just boil up 50g of pudding rice, let it cool and mix it up with yogurt and fruit. xx
I'm a 2-breakfast girl! Fruit, and then a poached egg on one slice of brown toast from the canteen at work.

I'm trying to follow the recommendation from that TV show we all watched a couple of weeks ago - protein fills you up. So that's why I'm having my eggy brekkie...and it's working. I rarely need anything mid morning, although sometimes will have a yoghurt.

I am trying not to eat if I'm not hungry. Not letting myself get starving, but not eating just because I can!

I have totally wandered off topic haven't I? Sorry!

Sometimes I like a quorn sausage sarnie for brekkie. Poached eggs are my fave though. Often do 'fry ups' at weekends.

You only get one HEB on EE, but if you do a green or red day, then you still get two, so if you're struggling and would like more HEs, then perhaps consider putting a couple of other types of days into your week for variety.

You could still have your cereal and then bread later, but you'd have to syn them. Not too many syns though, if you wanted to go down that route.

Options options options. That's why I like SW!


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i have porridge and scan bran for brekkie and that fills me up until lunch at 1.20, but i do sometimes have fruit around 10.30. i eat brekkie at around 7am.

but this is an excellent post though and i will definitely look at the fruit and yoghurt options.

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