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Sulking, because I've been good and wretched scales not moving!

G: 12st0lb
I know , I know I shoouldnt be on the scales at home , it serves me right, but I am in a right stomp today because I dont seem to have lost any weight since last Thursday's weigh in and i have been angelic, stuck to it 100% and drunk at least 5 litres a day.
It gets to me when I read about people having chicken legs and all sorts of cheeky, cheaty nibbles and still losing and I'm stuck and its only week 4! I just keep thing of all the things I could have had and stayed the same and I am driving myself loopy. I never even stayed the same on wretched WW if I stuck to it even 50% of the time and this diet is the hardest one I have ever done, its seriously harsh, my mouth feels like the bottom of a budgies cage, and I'm sick of pulling my knickers up and down a 100 times a day (and night) , so I dont think I am retaining water.
Oh Help , I feel like having a bacon buttty....i'm so fed up.
Tantrum over...:cry:
x Carole
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Oh my dear....I know you think you are not retaining water but seriously that is all it can be!!!! because of the calorie deficit you are making you burn about 1/2 a lb of fat each day. It is impossible not to lose fat.

I am in kinda the same boat this week. Have been a good girl and so far I've gained 2lbs this week. lol. It doesn't bother me, even though I've never retained water before I know that I've not cheated or not drank enough water.

No bacon buttie!!! what good would that do?? This is just a temporary stall.....don't panic and you're right....STOP WEIGHING AT HOME!!! See what is does to your mood?

Chin up chook.....your body is just taking a little bit longer than normal to let go of that water there.



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S: 15st13lb G: 10st7lb

How's the inch loss going? Sometimes the scales don't seem to be moving but we are losing the inches.

I can't tell you to stay away from the scales because I am exactly the same and weigh at least once a day:eek: I have tried not to pay too much attention to the scales though as I ended up feeling like you do now - I did feel liking eating but I didn't and the losses do come.

Lets be honest, doing any VLCD you have got to lose - you can't do anything but lose unless you cheat.

So good luck, get the tape measure out and cheer yourself up.

Don't panic, as already said you have to lose weight doing a VLCD and if your body is retaining water, for whatever reason, the scales will stop moving. But it could all so easily change again by Thursday (assuming that's your next official weigh-in).

It's hard not to weigh yourself at home, but it can lead to disappointment, which can lead to you really struggling to stick with the diet, cos the minute you think it's not working that devil on your shoulder will be telling you to eat all sorts of things.....like bacon butties for example :p

Stick with it, keep drinking the water, more if you can, and you will see the results soon - honestly :)


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No No No to the bacon butty - you'll probably find that the scales at your group show a loss even if it's only a small one, I've had it where my scales don't show anything but the group ones do. Also you tend to find that when you don't lose on the scales you do lose inches.



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Step away from the butty!

We all have had weeks when the scales didn't move, I had lots of them, to get round it I took my measurements instead and that usually provided some movement.

One thing I did notice, I could sometimes go 5 days without the scales moving and then i'd step on them on the 6th day and 3 lbs would be gone... all v odd! It could be water retention, keep up the good work and the lots of water guzzling and stay off the scales until your regular weigh in, bet it will be all okay :D


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I know , I know I shouldn't be on the scales at home , it serves me right, but I am in a right stomp today because I dont seem to have lost any weight since last Thursday's weigh in and i have been angelic, stuck to it 100% and drunk at least 5 litres a day.
Stay away from the scales if they are going to upset you!
First time is the Golden time with this diet an my advice for what it is worth, is not to nibble as nibbling leads to failure in most cases.

I should know:cry:

G: 12st0lb
God, you know mini that is me on those scales up there , fair cracked me up seeing that cartoon! Thanks!
well its day 6 , WI tommorow evening and guess what , been on the bl...y scales agin this morning and still no movement, serves me right.
I am still very down about it, I guess you just expect so much when for weeks youve been stepping on them to see a differnt (lower) weight virtually every day,and it just cant go on forever . You see this is what usually happens to me on conventional diets, I get on great for the first 3 weeks, and then the weight loss stalls and I think its becuase I have not been 'good enough' and assume its because I have cheated a bit and am hopeless at losing weight and start to not stick to it. Vicious circle, sound familiar to anyone? I guess the difference is this time thank God is , that I know I am 'good enough', its not my fault I have done everything to the book and it will be OK in the long term so I will just have to hold tight and keep the faith , I will start to lose again!
Thanks for all your encouragement, I'm down , but definately not 'Out'!
Love C xxxx


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You can not fail to lose weight on this diet if you stick to it and drink water. But our bodies do not lose the pounds uniformly - so one week you may have a good loss - then a few weeks when you don't followed by a few weeks that are good again. Look to your stone a month figure and i'm sure you'll do that easily each month. TOTM, water retention, exercise etc etc etc can all be reasons for poor weight loss BUT it WILL come off!!! Good luck and NO bacon sarnies!!!!


S: 13st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 2st4lb(16.75%)
My scales have decided that this morning...I am still 1lb up...but not 2 now. lol. ta scales. bovvvvvvvvvvered.

Stop getting on the scales...it boooovvers you. Going to have to open a can of whoop ass on you!!!

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