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summer cookbook offer

Hi I brought a 12 week countdown in group last night and heard there's an offer of a free summer cookbook. According to my C you get sent this in the post, is this correct? And if so how long does it take?
Thanks in advance

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Really likes to cook
I am also waiting for my book.


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I had to wait a week for mine. Our C said that they had over 12,000 people buy countdowns. Normally the book would be available to buy too however they are having to hold them all back for the countdowns that have been purchased
I bought a countdown at my first group. Do I still get a cookbook?

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Yesterday!! I'm not to bothered if I don't get it but it would be nice. I've got the extra easy book feasts for a fiver and the Christmas book :) x

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I got mine at group -you shouldn't have to wait for it. Your consultant probably just ran out or something.

Tbh, if you don't usually buy a countdown, i wouldn't buy one just to get the book. Its not the best one i've ever had. Lots of faffing around, recipes that take hours & have about 30 ingredients in them! Not good if you have to work or look after kids all day!
I was told this week that the offer was already over - maybe they didnt expect the level of demand for the cookbook, which is, frankly, one of their best. I guess I was lucky to be able to buy mine.
Ah, well thats shows how different everyone is I guess as I thought it was one of the worst!! Maybe it was the abundance of fennel in the recipes that put me off :)

If anyone wants mine they are welcome to it. Better than it clogging up my book shelves :)


Always trying!
I would defo give the roasted tomato and basil soup a try, it is absolutely stunning... I'm just making my second batch as I type!

Whilst I was in the middle of making the first batch on Saturday I was thinking to myself, this doesn't look right, it will never taste nice but how wrong was I!!


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The offer ended last week, it only ran for 3 weeks. In my group there was a massive uptake on the offer which made for a happy consultant!
I do like the book, some good recipes in it.

Wheretheresawill - yes it is the one which is £4.95.


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I bought my countdown on the second week of the offer and got my book at group. I was under the impression that the offer had ended.

I like the book. Some of the recipes are complicated but there are lots of lovely simple ones in there. I am a huge fan of the falafels and the houmous.

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