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Sundays Hour By Hour

Morning Nessa and all who are up!

Got on the scales this morning and not going to tempt fate but I think I am in for a good loss next week ( i deserve it after my piddly 1lb loss last week!) so I'm feeling quite positive!

Went into M&S yesterday and bought a gorgeous pair of Per Una black pinstripe shorts - they looked quite good on me in the dressing room but when i got home and tried them on - OMG:eek: what a shock! They looked bloody awful! My legs were wobbling everywhere! lol

Had another couple of nitemares last night (yes I am having them in multiples now!-nice). Rather than going into full detail here I am going to post them on SJ's dream thread if anyone is interested in the dream-cd link.

Not sure what we are up to today - a rare day off for my husband so probably just take it easy.

Lots of love to you all

Very quiet on here today! I have had a busy day, am keeping up with the water and 790 is working so far for me as I don't feel the urge to cheat... Having said that last night I had a couple of crackers cos I did feel the urge for them!
Ah well, I will keep glugging that good old H2O!!
Goodness Spooks you're right, it is sooooo quiet on here compared to usual. We have not long got back from WEST KIRBY (merseyside). It's a gorgeous little place, beautiful houses, lovely shops and a BEACH, with a marina full of windsurfers and the likes. DD had a wonderful time in the sand making sand castles, her and her Daddy love to build sand castles :D It was rather windy but still most enjoyable.

I need to get glugging on the old H20, been slacking an awful lot lately as we have had many days out recently and therefor I don't tend to drink much incase the toilets are miles away or hard to find.

It's my official weigh in tomorrow tea time, I have to do it myself due to CDC on hols. So will report in tomorrow with that.

So folks, I hope you are all ok. I'm really tired, got to try to catch up on yesterdays threads some time later.

Hope you all had a good day today.

ta ta for now peeps.



S: 14st1lb C: 14st1lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi girlies

Hope you are all ok i have my 2nd weigh in tomorrow will let you know how i get on. (i,m scared)!!

S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
How come scared Jot?
One of the missing CDers reporting in!

Went shopping yesterday & bought some jeans a size smaller. They are absolutely skin tight on my thighs but as I'm going to lose lots more weight they'll be fine soon. I also got some knee high boots that actually fasten!!!
Wore them today for my date which went very well... no need to stress after all. He's an absolute sweetheart but we met when I was 20lb lighter than I am now so I was a little paranoid. No need at all! I'm seeing him again tomorrow before I go away so watch this space!
Dietwise I've not had a great few days. I've had a really upset stomach so been struggling with the packs & have not drunk enough water. Hopefully it'll sort itself out soon.

Hope all of the missing people are ahving such a great day that they're not even thinking about the diet!


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well been an ok day i guess, feeling really down and sluggish, water was going well until i spilled a whole bottle, had a cd bar and 2 small meals. I ave decided to go on the 1200kcal plan if i can stretch to it. having trouble remembering which foods i can have will have to hunt my booklet out. gotta do a lot more work outs and that though.
Hi guys... another missing CDer here.

It's been manic couple of days - we had productive day yesterday sorting and tidying out the garden ready for BBQ tomorrow. I also organised everything for a Boot Fair this morning which we were up for at 5:15am......!!!! No time for nightmares, wasn't in bed flipping long enough because we had a birthday party last night so didn't get to bed until about 12am.

Did well at the Boof Fair - £100 which I was pleased with - nice contribution to day's out with my DS on our week off.

I had good day yesterday but have to confess to having a Caesar Salad today - OH had helped so much with Boot Fair that I treated him to lunch at Nando's, we were both so exhausted that neither of us could be bothered to cook... we then came home tidied away the few bits I bought back (all in black sacks for charity shop) then collapsed. I resisted the bacon and egg rolls at the Boot Fair so not feeling too mortified about the salad and it's AAM as from tomorrow (just started a day early - so will finish AAM day early).

DS came home and we've vegged watching Home on the Range - now heading to bed as taking DS to London tomorrow on the train and to the Aquarium.

Have only had 2 Tetras and about 2.5L of water today - the toilets at the Boot Fair are horrific so there was no way I was going there... :eek::eek:

Will say night and hope everyone else has had a good day.

WI tomorrow morning at 9am - fingers crossed I'm still at 14st....
Hannah, just wanna wish you luck for your morning weigh in...:D I'm sure you will have blasted your 11lb target. I'll weigh myself tea time and report back afterwards. Enjoy your day out tomorrow. xxx

Jot, Good luck for weigh in xxx you'll be fine.

Fingers crossed, wow, way to go witht the knee highs, and of course your date, I'm thrilled that it went well and sooo happy that you are on another date with your sweetheart tomorrow. Hope you have a fabby time hun. aaaww I hope your tummy settles down too, the water can be tricky at times but will probably make you feel a little better if you keep up with it, maybe not the 4 lts but 2.5, just incase you feel a bit dehydrated.

Nessa, loving your avatar. Hope you feel ok today and have enjoyed your meals.

Jodiejojo, you poor thing, I read your nightmares earlier today but I've not posted on the thread today. I do hope that you have sweet dreams tonight sweetheart. These nightmares can really freak you out can't they? I don't remember my dream last night...THANK GOODNESS.



S: 14st1lb C: 14st1lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i think because i had a good weight loss the first week and according to my scales i have not lost anymore, i dont want my cdc to think i have been cheating, but either way going to continue i am off for my weigh in now so i will keep you posted.


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