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Sunshine's Slimming World diary

S: 22st2lb C: 19st12lb G: 12st1lb BMI: 41 Loss: 2st4lb(10.32%)
I thought I had better start a diary to keep track of what I am doing.
I have exactly 9 weeks until I go on holiday and I sooo want to be in the 17's by then.

I started out at 22st 2lb and managed to lose 4 stone with WeightWatchers before going completely mad and staying off track for well over a year. This resulted in a massive gain and got me back to 19st 7lb(jan 1st 2011).

From then I have been messing around with WW but finally had enough of using all of my points on junk. So Slimming World it is! I started officially on Thursday 10th Feb, weighing in (at home) at 18st 13lb. I have done Slimming Word before (years ago) and was very successful with it.

Anyway it's nine weeks today until I have my first short break in years and years and I really want to be in the 17's by then.

Today I weigh in at 18st 10lb's and my weigh in day will be a Monday from now on. Just to make things even more difficult today is the first day of not smoking for me. I have patches though:eek:

I am doing it this time!

Apologies in advance for the moaning I am bound to do for the next few weeks:sigh:
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S: 15st1lb C: 15st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi sunshine. I'm starting sw today too. Congrats on deciding to quit smoking. Been 2 years since I did and I feel amazing for it. (plus I figured if I can quit cigarettes then I can quit my bad food habits too!) good luck on your journey. :)
S: 22st2lb C: 19st12lb G: 12st1lb BMI: 41 Loss: 2st4lb(10.32%)
Goodluck to you too!
I have quit smoking a couple of times in the past and been fine, then something stressful happens and I start again:break_diet:
It felt so much better being smoke free, so now is the time.

I'm quite excited about it all :D
S: 15st7lb C: 13st8lb G: 9st10lb Loss: 1st13lb(12.44%)
Good luck with Slimming World and with the cigarettes. Will be hard to do both! Just keep the super free foods handy!
S: 22st2lb C: 19st12lb G: 12st1lb BMI: 41 Loss: 2st4lb(10.32%)

Well day one of doing both is very nearly over and so far so good.

Green Day

A- 350ml skimmed milk
A- I totally forgot:rolleyes:
B- 2 slices nimble wholemeal
B- 2 slices nimble wholemeal

Breakfast - 1 egg with 2 x wholemeal bread (B) and mushrooms

snack - fresh pineapple

Lunch - same as breakfast because I enjoyed it so much:D

snack - yogurt
packet of crisps 6.5 syns

Dinner - Beef savoury rice with salad
2 clementines

snack - 28g dried apricots 2.5 syns
Tesco cheese curls 3.5syns

total 12.5 syns

And day one complete with no ciggies:cool:

I'm happy:D


Full Member
S: 14st5.5lb C: 13st5.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 33.2 Loss: 1st0lb(6.95%)
Good Luck Sunshine! Well done on giving up the ciggies at the same time. You seem determined so I am sure you can do it :D I'll send you good vibes too though as they can't hurt with something so tough.

I forget my second HE's sometimes although I think the book says "choose once or twice" from the A section and twice from B so the extra A is only there if you feel you need it :)

I'm a Monday Weigher too. I hope you have a great week, let me know how you do!
S: 22st2lb C: 19st12lb G: 12st1lb BMI: 41 Loss: 2st4lb(10.32%)
Thankyou for the good vibes:D
Oh yeh, I forgot I didn't have to have both A's. I'm so forgetful!

Day 2 is going well, not thinking about smoking much at all:eek:

Got up a a bit late this morning, my 3yr old actually let me have a lie in:confused:

Red Day

A-350ml skimmed mik
A-6 laughing cow extra light triangles
B-2 slices wholemeal nimble
B-2 slices nimble

Breakfast - 2 eggs, bacon (no fat), loads of mushrooms, 2 tescos lighter choice cumberland sausages (2 syns), 2 slices nimble (B)

Lunch - Tesco cheese curls (3.5syns), 2 clementines, yogurt, 2 slices nimble (B)
2 x Laughing cow extra light (A) salad

Dinner - Fresh plaice and salad

Snacks - banana, more oranges, packet of crisps (6.5 syns)

I really must stop reading so much on minimins, I have so much housework to do and I'm at work all day tomorrow:sigh:
That reminds me I need to make a quiche to take to work tomorrow.:D


Really wants to be thin!!
S: 17st1.5lb C: 14st2.0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 2st13.5lb(17.33%)
Good luck chick and wd on your losses so far x
S: 22st2lb C: 19st12lb G: 12st1lb BMI: 41 Loss: 2st4lb(10.32%)

Well yesterday was a bit of a nightmare:(
Usually on a Wednesday and Friday my eating is out of control anyway because those two days I work in an extremely active job and by the evening I'm so tired the emotional eating starts:(
It didn't help that my patch fell off while at work:mad:

I went well over syns last night I'm going to work it out in a mo but I did write down everything I ate so I wouldn't conveniently forget:eek:

Anyway back to it today and I need to plan something for Friday to stop it happening again. The good news is I am still smoke free:D If by Monday I haven't lost much or anything I can live with it for now aslong as I haven't given in and smoked. Just please please please don't let it be a gain:cry:
S: 22st2lb C: 19st12lb G: 12st1lb BMI: 41 Loss: 2st4lb(10.32%)
Green Day

A-350ml skimmed milk
A-28g cheddar
B-2 slices wholemeal nimble
B-28g cheddar

2 eggs and 2 slices nimble(B)

2 clementines

Savoury rice and salad


Large jacket potato
2 x cheddar (2xA)

Evening snack/munchies
1pkt French fries - 4
15g Meringue nest - 3 (need to double check this before i eat it!)
2 clementines

I'm working on my Bronze activity thingy this week. Now for someone who hates exercise this is not as easy as it sounds lol.

Week 1 = 3 x 15 mins on exercise bike 1/3 done so far.
S: 22st2lb C: 19st12lb G: 12st1lb BMI: 41 Loss: 2st4lb(10.32%)
I should have know the positiveness would not last. To be fair I've had the most awful few days and it really can't get any worse.

So weigh in day today...I'm back to where I started, not surprising as I have eaten everything I could possibly get my hands on. I haven't smoked though.

So a week of not smoking under my belt and now this week I need to concentate on SW.

I hope a lot of it is water but I'm gutted to say that today I weigh 19st 1lb.
S: 22st2lb C: 19st12lb G: 12st1lb BMI: 41 Loss: 2st4lb(10.32%)
I will not give in.

I think my best bet is to do a few days menus because when I haven't planned...oh dear!

First things first step-daughter wants to have a Chinese takeaway and bottle of wine at the weekend so I need to figure out what to do about that:eek: I will look up syns tomorrow.

Tuesday - Green
a- 350 ml skimmed milk
a- 350lm skimmed milk
b-fruit and fibre (check quantity)
b-2 slices nimble

Breakfast - cereal(A+B)
snack - pineapple and yogurt
Lunch - eggs + nimble(B)
snack - french fries (4) + pineapple
Dinner - super noodles(6.5) stirfry veg

Wednesday Green (at work)
a-28g cheese
b- 2 x nimble
b- Laughing cow extra lightx6

Breakfast - 2 x nimble(b) and lcl(b)
Lunch- SW quiche, frenchfries(4) clementines, yogurt
Dinner- Pasta and sauce, salad

More to follow...


Full Member
S: 14st5.5lb C: 13st5.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 33.2 Loss: 1st0lb(6.95%)
Well done Sunshine for not giving in :D

If you go for an Extra easy day at the Chinese... Boiled Rice is free and Beef with mushrooms 300g is 4.5 as is Chicken in Oyster Sauce 375g. If you are a green person, as I think you might be you could go for Stir Fried Mixed Veg at 6.5 syns for 340g with Boiled Rice or noodles.

I think the trick is having a dish with either boiled rice or plain boiled noodles so as to minimise syns. Also watch out for the weights as although they say "Average Portion" in the book, the take away portions tend to be bigger.

To tackle the wine issue you could invest in some diet lemonade and have some as a spritzer (if with white or rose) this way, you get to have some but it lasts you longer and has fewer syns. Both Rose & White is 6 syns per 175ml. If you have the same size glass with a spritzer top up, it's only 4 syns...

Of course you could always have a flexible syns day, as long as you are confident it won't spark a few days of "I've Wrecked It" eating afterwards.

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