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Super poorly - advice appreciated!


My husband = My hero
Hi guys,

Well I actually think im on death row lol

Iv got a really bad chest infection and tonsilittis...

Does anyone know any cough medicine type things that we can take that wont affect diet?

All i can think of is Honey and Lemon lol a mixture of sugar and citric acid - marvellous!

Taking paracetamol at the moment, and getting on with it, but if anyone knows of anything that could help i would be forever grateful!

Thanks in advance

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My husband = My hero
forgot to add...

I havnt been docs as I know they wll give me erythromycin , i get tonsillis that often that all they will give me now,

and those horrible little angry red tablets make me feel even worse, so i wont go and get them!

silly i know, but i get every known side affect known to man on them and cant bare them a week before christmas!
you can get a linctus that has no carbs in it. i'd ask at the pharmacy. i know it's got codeine in it.


My husband = My hero
Thanks hun, will send mother dearest out!! xx


Slowly but surely x
make some ice cubes, babes and suck them to ease your throat. drink ice cold water to soothe your tonsils too xx


My husband = My hero
Iv had my water in the freezer to make slush lol

I'm sat (no joke) in fleece PJ's Peters tracksuit over the top - cos I'm skinnier now lol and my dressing gown over that!

I look like a michellin man haha xxx
oh my poor poor friend :( I hate tonsilitis :( have you managed to get some sleep ? xx
bless you :( I am going to say though ( as a nurse and a fellow tonsilitis sufferer ) that although you may get every side effect from the antibiotics .. i wouldn't leave it .. i did that with tonsilitis and ended up with an abscess on my tonsils , and a trip to A&E and IV antibiotics .. it can get much worse and not worth the risk when its your airway hun :(
poor u, i hope your feeling better. my sister used to have a spray from her doc that numbed the pain, have u tried this, im not sure what its called so sorry if its already been mentioned. and id have to agree with above post, i had a close encounter of this and its not pretty so i hope u manage to keep yours under control.

hope u get better real soon xx
Please don't leave it, I had double quinsy (abscess' on both tonsils) and had to have an emergency tonsillectomy...that would be far worse to go through just before Christmas. The chest infection on top of tonsillitis indicates that this is not a battle that your body is winning so will likely get worse.

You can ask for another antibiotic, Dr's don't bite...amoxicillin is used for tonsillitis and chest infections with success.

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