Step3 1000kcal Help - considering a planned night off... Really need advice!!


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Hello lovely mini-Minians!!

I seem to report to this daily recently for more advice and support! So thank you again for your help in advance.

So (just a little about me so you can be honest in responding...!) I have been on Cambridge diet since October (SS Oct-Dec, 810 Dec-April and 1000 3 weeks) and I have lost 5 stone exactly and am now at BMI 23. Iv hit my weight target, but I'm still very conscious of gaining or staying the same even though I know iv hit target - I feel the effort I'm putting in with exercise and sticking to food plan that I really want at least 1lb a week more loss! - I know it's addictive!!

However............. (big dot dot dot!!) my partner has recently told me that he is struggling with me on such a strict food plan and really wants the occasional meal out together just so we can spend some quality time together (him saying he specifically misses going for a curry!!)

So... If I was to plan an evening for a curry night out what would people suggest? Is this really ridiculous and would I just gain weight straight away? I'm scared about the scales rocketing!!!!

Has anyone got any suggestions/experiences/help/advice that i would be forever grateful for?

A million thank yous!!!

you have done so well,
one meal off will not make a difference, enjoy it! you deserve it!
you may find the scale slightly higher the next morning but if you then carry on with the plan it wont make a difference to your week overall, may help your metabolism too, especially if its a hot curry!
Ahh I'm just so scared that the scales will rocket up and my last week/s depending on how much I gain would have been pointless exercise and food calorie counting :-(...

Has anyone else had a planned night off? Ahhh scared that I won't be able to go bak to being good!!! :-(
Hi I am still on SS and I went out for a curry last weekend. Order a chicken tandoori as it has less sauce around it and is marinaded in yoghurt not cream so is friendlier to your diet. Enjoy the meal just eat less I what you would used to have had. That way you can enjoy the curry, have a nice evening out with your partner, are making healthier choices, and are not deviating too far off plan that you fall off a cliff.

Good luck and don't be scared to go out for the odd meal. It won't affect the losses that greatly as you are not doing it everyday.

And well done on the 5 stone loss!!!
Thank you for getting back to me :) when you went out ... Did you have any sides (eg rice or breads etc?) and when you had your weigh in after was the gain quite a lot or where you able to just ignore it and get on with SS?

I'm so scared I'll just gain and loose it all!! And go right off track!! I'm so tempted to book us in for a surprise curry as I know how much that would mean to him! But it's so scary!! X
I had tandoori chicken. (Ate half the chicken) 1/3rd of a popadom with a few of the sauces.
1/4 of a plain naan
And the salad leaves that came with someone's plate (not sure if it was the tandoori chicken or another plate)

Remember I am on SS and you are on a higher plan so could probably eat more than me as part of your daily allowance.

My WI last week was normal. I just got right on with being 100% again.

Really don't worry so much about it as if you worry this much about one meal, you will land up staying on CWP the rest of your life for fear of putting the lbs back on. My suggestion is to learn to eat within reason and make the healthy option. If you do that you shouldn't need to worry about picking the weight up.

Also you said that you lost 5stone... Do you think that one curry will make you pick up 5 stone? If the answer is no then pick up that phone and book the surprise curry for your partner and yourself and enjoy your evening.

Just make sure the next day you are back 100% on your plan and be happy you had a lovely break with your man and enjoyed yourself. No harm no foul, no guilt.
you have reached goal - fantastic well done - a distant dream for me!. Working up through all the steps should help you find what works and doesn't for you - because you want to get back to normal life. Sunflowerladys advice is good - the least saucy chicken and some skald - I would try and stay away from the rice/naan/popadums becasue eating carbs allays triggers binging for me - but we are all different. I sure if you plan it and manage it (and enjoy it) you will be fine and have a lovely night out with your husband
Hi all, i'm new to this forum and new to Cambridge (3 days in on SS)
At my consultation, I asked my consultant if she still used the plan after losing 4 stone and reaching goal weight, she said she does during the week but not at weekends.
She has a wee bottle of wine and a chinese at the weekend! So I really wouldn't worry about it. As long as you don't go out the night before weigh in?
Why not go out the night of weigh in, or night after...That way you have the rest of the week to be 100%.
Don't let this become the be all and end all in your life, you need to live your life too!! Spend time with your hubby =) let him take you out and show off your new well-earned figure =P
Good luck, chick x
Thanks for all your help everyone!!!

I think I'm going to do it - Ive been moved up a plan to 1200 calories because last week I lost 5lb! So she said she wants me up a step so I'm not loosing too much...

That means I have more calories to play with if I was to opt for an Indian night out/night off. Iv already taken one step in that I'm hosting a house warming with my fiancé today and we are doing a bbq.... I'm having anxiety attacks about it and am incredibly nervous but iv woken up to my incredible partner who has weighed out all my food for the day and put it in plastic containers to try and make it more manageable for me so I'm not stressing.

That way I can just empty my lettuce/chicken/chick pea/ new pot allowance onto a plate during the BBQ and that way I'm not worried about how much or what I'm eating (and it's more subtle for the guests!!!)

Without him - I think I'd have just broke down!! Xxx
Chicken Shaslick is a good option too. Its marinated large chunkc of Chicken that come on a sizzling plate with large chunkc of tomato, pepper and onion. Its a dry curry so no sauce! This also comes with a side salad which should be a nice filling meal just at that then you dont risk the dreaded bread or rice! Its my favourite curry dish and I have it even if a I am on or off a diet!x
Thank you so much! Well iv lost 6 now :)

If I can help in anyway and be a support or you have any questions!! More than happy to be an encouragement!! Where are you starting? How you doing x
Thank you so much! Well iv lost 6 now :)

If I can help in anyway and be a support or you have any questions!! More than happy to be an encouragement!! Where are you starting? How you doing x

first week back on this week, I want to lose 5 stone, currently 14 stone 11 and im 5foot 3

thankyou btw that's really nice of you xx
Wow Sarah I have a feeling I'm gonna be totally like you, I'm on 810 at the moment and 10lbs off of target but not loosing at the moment, which makes me worry horrendously about what will happen when I move through the steps. Occasionally I still let myself have a ss day since its kinda reassuring!

I'm trying to focus the energy into learning about diet and nutrition, have been reading a lot about it so that when it comes to maintenance I will know what the best choices are.

I guess for so long we are in the control zone doing the plan and it's so easy to think one meal will ruin it all, I guess you just have to do it and see that actually it doesn't, I had a little of everything I fancied (including a naan) at an all you can eat buffet the other weekend but still had a loss that week.

Maintenance scares me witless but you know what, we can do it, we've come this far which is already amazing!

Hi Sarah,
I lost quite a bit of weight before I switched over to SS the other day (previous was on a low carb, low calorie diet). When I did cheat it was Indian once a week and funny thing is I weighted a little less the next days--guess my starving metabolism got revved up. Just avoided Rice and Naan, seems crazy to be able to do at an Indian but I ordered a couple vegetable sides to go with my chicken instead. Felt really indulgent too and I did not miss the starches.
Have a great BBQ and enjoy your night out!