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Man Cold what can i do

Hey guys

I have started with a man cold and feel like crap. I dont have a runny nose or anything it is all in my chest and I keep having mini asthma attacks (not had one of them for a long time). I am scared of taking cough medicine or lemsip etc because of my ketosis.

I was wondering if anyone had discovered anything that helps with coughs, sore throats etc without kicking me out of ketosis. I am taking Paracetamol and piraton but that is not working. Any advice would be appreciated

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I have had this too for a day or so and didnt feel i was recovering. Had a lemsip..felt sooooooooooo much better and just risked the ketosis thing. Drank loads of water after it too. It did help, sometimes you just have to.


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sorry to hear your not feeling well. i picked up one of those bugs going around about two weeks ago and had swollen glands in my neck, thick on the chest etc and a cough. what i did was just go the dr after 5 days and he prescribed me penicillian which did the trick..i did feel like taking lemsip but i just stuck to loads of water, and used made sure it was hot and used to place it against my neck to sooth it lol must have looked a prat but it helped at the time! usually i would have hit the lemsips but didnt this time...i have to say that it did last for about two weeks which it probably wouldnt have done if id taken other over the counter products but i didnt want to break ketotis..that feeling was stronger than taking anything else :)

anyway all the best and take care

h xx
Hey guys

I slept quite well last night and feel a bit better for it. I am still coughing my lungs up but I am going to my pharmacy in a while to see what the lipotrim people can recomend. If not I will just persavere with paracetamol, piraton and Albas Oil. Thanks to everyone for their tips and help its funny if it was a women who felt like this they would go to work clean the house etc, me I am on the settee feeling sorry for myself.

Just been to my lipotrim pharmacy and they have told me that the best thing to take is beneylin 4 flu as it doesnt take you out of ketosis and it fights a lot of the symptoms.

I have just taken two and I am now going to put a film on and snuggle on the settee under my duvet, after 3 1 2 3.......aaahhh. That was for everyone who was feeling sorry for me.....no takers never mind I am feeling sorry enough for myself :)


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Appartently any of the over the counter meds for diabetics are fine as they dont have sugar....hope you are feeling a bit better hun!


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If you have a sore throat try gargling with warm salt water. That really worked for me. It takes the sting away
I didn't know men got colds - I thought the minimum they got was pneumonia.:rolleyes:

If you have a sore throat then it's okay to gargle with TCP or salt water. I would guess just keep your liquid intake up. Last week I thought I was coming down with flu. Luckily it only lasted a day.

But make sure you have all your shakes/soup no matter how $h!tty you feel.

Get well soon.

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