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Advice/info please


Plodding on til its gone
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Hi I wasnt sure where to post this?Wondered if anyone else suffers from just being generally run down and exhausted most of the time?

Not sure if its to do with me having pcos and depression? Also suffer with blood sugar highs and lows.

Just feel mentally and physically exhausted and about every 3 months I get a cold leading to either a chest infection or a virus. I get bronchitis 2-3 times a year and had broncial pneumonia 3 yrs ago which I think may have weakened my immune system.

Does anyone know of any foods or supplements to boost the immune system and generally help with generally feeling like crap most of the time. Its getting to the stage where Im struggling to function at work aswell as at home. My doctor isnt very good and just gave me antibiotics which i finished last week but still have a bad chesty cough and no energy.

I restarted slimming world again about a week ago and not on any medication.

Sorry to sound so negative just hope to feel normal sometime soon. I know with pcos there are a lot of things that go with it but been feeling like this for ages now. I was diagnosed with pcos 18 yrs ago and its a horrible condition to live with, what with the hair prob, extra difficulty in shifting the weight, the mood swings... the list goes on.

Ive kind of learnt to live with those things its just this feeling of being run down and exhausted is affecting every area of my life especially as every 3 months Im ill with something or other for about a month at a time :-(

Any advice/ideas would be appreciated x
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Hi Trying Again :)

Reading the first few lines of your post; it could have been me writing it!

I feel just empty and flat all the time - I can't get over it. And I can feel myself slipping into depression - at least I know when it's happening these days.

The PCOS doesn't help but I try not to think about it too much because I don't want it to get in the way but inevitably it does. I'm the same with extra hair, spots, mood swings, generally feeling rubbish and disconnected from everything.

The feeling run down thing is something I'm really struggling with lately - I just can't snap out of it. But I know that when I concentrate on what I'm eating and doing a bit of exercise things do get better, maybe your frequent illness is tied up in general wellbeing and making better choices?
Or even just talking about issues like that often helps - it's like talking about it sort of realeases you from it a bit.

Don't worry you're not on your own :) And don't worry about being negative - you can always find someone to listen here :)

Keep your chin up! xxxxxxxx
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i have pcos and feel exactly the same!!!! havent the energy.. i have been going the gym lately and even feel tired training! (before during and after...) pcos is getting worse and so is the tiredness.

wish there was a magic cure.. so i can feel normal again.

u are not alone.. it seems part and parcel of condition.. :(


Plodding on til its gone
S: 13st13lb G: 11st10lb
yeah its a horrible condition, have been trying to just learn to live with it over the last 18 yrs since diagnosed but now it seems like you say the pcos is getting worse. There is somuch to it and just generally causes those of us that suffer with it to feel rubbish most of the time.

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