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I hadn't seen a daily thread today, so thought I'd start one.

Today I've got lots of jobs to do - washing, tidying, cleaning etc. So hoping that it'll keep me busy and distracted from food! Having a DVD night with a friend tomorrow, not sure what she's planning and whether it involves food, but I do hope not. If it does then I'll have my SS+ meal I think, with a mix a mousse later. I love mix a mousse so will keep me happy!

Want to try and get some wii fit yoga and a walk in today too. Am signing up for Race for Life in July so going to try and do a walk every day or two, starting slowly and building up. Hopefully will sort out some other problems as well as getting me ready for the race, though I won't be running it!

I hope that whatever you're al doing today you have great days and stay 100%, don't forget to get glugging that water!!
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We're about to leave (argh) for the transport museum but 5yo comedian is currently playing James Bond when he's supposed to be eating his toast and banana (drool), the good thing about banana is that it goes black so I'm not tempted to eat what he's left behind. :D I've just had some chicken and I feel pretty full, I'm also drinking warm water with summer berry flavouring and it's lush. My friend's coming over tonight and it's her birthday, think I'll get her some soap and glory stuff, lucky her doesn't have to worry about her weight, but she's very supportive of me so she'll eat before she arrives.

Have a great day everyone!


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lm starting potty training this weekend with my little boy so no doubt l'll be kept busy have a brill day everyone

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I am busy blitzing my house top to bottom. Just about finished upstairs moving slowly downwards.

I've only had 1 shake so far, lasted until 1 o'clock before having my 1st, i have drank 3L of water though, and i feel like i'm having a great workout moving beds etc.

No gym today, as the hubby is at work and won't be home until late, so i will make up for it tomorrow afternoon.

Will pop back later when i am completely exhausted by cleaning x


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Reading all your comments, it looks like most of us are cleaning today! I have literally just sat down after cleaning the house top to bottom. Bathroom, bedrooms, stairs, conservatory, lounge, dining room and kitchen. I am shattered. But I'm looking round and the place is like a new pin :D So I guess it was well worth it.

Only had 1 tetra this morning, and doing badly on the water side. 1 black coffee and 1/2 litre water so far. Just about to pop in the kitchen and re-fill my litre bottle and see what is on the tv.

I missed the 1st episode of Lost last night so I am a little hacked off. Going to have a peek and download it, as I really want to watch it!

My hubby is out with his Brother in a pub watching the rugby - so I have the mindset of "ooh what can I do?" LOL - Might put a CD of my own on for once and enjoy a nice chill. :D I love my hubby but I like some 'me time' too! lol

Hope everyone is having a brilliant day, as it is so quiet on here I imagine that you are all either busy cleaning or out enjoying yourselves :)

Hugs x x x


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Good afternoon one and all - I'm living in a house of romance today, son is home on leave for weekend and his fiancee is here and my youngest son has brought his first girlfriend home for the day - - so lovely hubby cooked them all a nice lunch and they're all having a nice meal tonight, he can be gooseberry at the romantic table and I'll curl on the sofa with a hot choc mint and a bar ;)

Well I'd said last week that I was going to up the exercise and start walking (before I bust my arm), and since then I've signed for Race for Life so hubby and I have been out for a walk this afternoon in the cold and the fog --- and when I've measured it it was 2.81 miles, mostly going up and down hill (sadly it is not flat where I live). I had to stop once when it got really steep but only for a minute and then carried on --- bloody legs and strangely arms feel well exercised though!

We've said we're going to do it more often and then start doing longer - should hopefully be fit for some really good walks when we're on holiday .... cept now I'm fit for nothing but bed lol ;)


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Katie - Sounds like you are shattered hun! I hope you are liking your sons new girlfriend. Your post made me think back on when I first met my in-laws as my hubby's new girlfriend!! lol What a night :sigh:

And no I wont tell ya :p I'm keeping firmly quiet ;)

Hugs X


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Certainly does sound like a cleaning day all round! Sounds like a lovely day for you Katie, have you enjoyed it?

Emma how is your new house? Have you managed to unpack everything and make it your own yet?


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Hope u all are having a great saturday! Is 3:10 pm here, soooo maybee later I'm going to the Lightning Parade over here, the thing is about my shakes. Should I drink it before I go out, or after when I come home from the Parade around 1 am :-S ?


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What a day!! I think I mentioned recently that one of my female geckos isn't a female gecko after all! Seems that before I got the chance to seperate them they did the rumpy pumpy and now my female is up the duff! So I've spent the afternoon trying to confirm whether she is gravid or not and it seems that she is and is about ready to lay her eggs any day. So I've been rushing around like a mad woman trying to sort out all the stuff I'll need for her and for the eggs. Someone suggested just freezing them to kill them after she lays them but I couldn't do that! It might be an inconvenience, but baby geckos are cute and I couldn't do that. So have managed to sort half of the stuff and will be working on the rest tomorrow, it's exciting but scary too, I don't want it to go wrong! I better go carry on trying to work it all out!


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Caroline yes to be honest I did really enjoy the walk and do feel better for having done it..... though saying that I also enjoyed the sleep I had when I got back ;) Slept like a log! If my legs feel okay tomorrow I might just give it another go - the walk we did today isn't one we could do in the evenings at the moment as it's not one you'd want to do in the dark as it was up hills but there was no footpath and the cars come flying past.

The house of love & romance has gone pretty well - don't think anything was mentioned about me not eating with them. My son who's brought the first girlfriend home is only 16 so they've been sat in conservatory watching films most of the day, aww young love! - what is mad is when I think that my hubby was only 12 months older when I met him so we keep laughing at that.

Got to say that I wouldn't fancy having Gecko's giving birth - I think it's lovely that you're doing so much to make it go well for her .... hope it all goes well!


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evening girls, hope everyones having a good one

lol welll today ive done the cleaning and then went for a walk with my ankle weights on and carrying my hand weights, lol seem to have had a crazy burst of energy today
brought back down to earth by spending 2 hours trying to feed kaya only to have her bring it back *sigh* oh well at least it kills any cravings, lol got gastro this week hopefully they will have some ideas, gonna ask the SALT to come out and assess her eating at home too

2 shakes down so far and 4 litres of water, gonna have a mousse later


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Evening ALL!!!!

Hope everyones day has been grand??!!??!!!

I just back from the O2 Arena, went to watch Strictly Come Dancing 'tour' thing courtesy of my friend who works in PR..she gets free VIP tickets for the arena..well today was that tour lol

Have put some pics up..was a good day!!! Really enjoyed it!

Came off CD today to enjoy the day and thoroughly enjoyed myself

Going up to bed in a min im shattered!