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***super-slimming saturday daily thread***

Good morning all,

Desperately wiping sleep from my eyes and trying to wake up properly, having a zombie morning.....

On a positive note though, i had my hair cut yesterday for the first time in about 10months! I am thrilled, gone from long and scarecrow like to layered shoulder bob, with colour put in too. Makes me feel like a new woman. Funny how the weight loss just makes you much more interested in your appearance again, i had let myself go.... May go and invest in some new straighteners today, shampoo and stuff - any excuse to shop.

Going to have a good day today, loss seems to be going in the right direction since WI on wednesday. Just steeling myself to manage the first pint of water, just too flaming cold....

Hope everyone has a great day! xx


Going for Goal!
Morning all,
I am full of a nasty cold and feel like death warmed up. I'm out of ketosis too...I had a lemsip last night - my thoughts then were "when your ill, you're ill" - I still kind of think that, but I am still ss'ing so can't be much damage, I hope.
Despite being unwell, I have just put 1 of about 5 loads of washing on - oh the joys! Who'd have thought anyone would get 'excited' about using a new washing machine!! (Installed yesterday)
Today I plan on being a home bunny :) Although the sun is shining, I feel like I want to stay at home, blowing my nose and feeling grim while watching tv - the dreaded couch potato is on her return! Temporarily, I wish to add, while I fight this awful cold.
I'll pop in and out today to check up on you all.

Blingbabe - thanks for your rep :)
Pebble - ((Hugs)) I hope you aren't punishing yourself too much. You need to do what is right for you. Some people are just not suited to cd/ll kind of VLCD diets. My Aunt tried it 4 times, and ended up doing ww (yep, it took her longer to loose the weight but she was happier eating) The most important person is you pebble, do what your body/head says is best.
LisaLuLu - Hope your day is good hun.

Happy Saturday everyone, keep glugging the water.

Hugs x x x


Silver Member
I just got up and although my weigh in day was Thursday and I try not to weigh myself during the week, I was a twitch over 22 st and I was dying to see if I was under that :) then I could say 21 for the first time in ages.
..... and YES I am now 21 st 13.5 lbs lol just a tiny bit under but it has made me happy so despite toothache and feeling crap after my flu jab yesterday I am H A P P Y :)


Can hug her knees :)
Omg I stuffed my face all last night :(
well in my dreams I did how random I woke up really worried untill I remembered I had some wisdom teeth out yesterday so I couldn't of anyway, how strange is that, first time I've ever drempt of food, and tonight will be the longest I have ss'ed 100% woohoo :)
Morning everyone hope you are all ok today

butterfly your hair sounds lovely.

Aw Misspinkkat hope your ok today with the teeth and not too painful.

Well i feel off last night after a horrid day with school teachers and arguing all day with school and ordered a sodding ceasar salad when oh ordered his tea, so cross but hey back on the shakes today and water. Cant do anything till Monday to sort school out and put a complaint in, im so cross right now, I hate bullies and they have really handled it badly and made my daughter say sorry to the bully and she was even told off for telling someone who phoned me to tell me what was happening, so the message they are sending is, dont kick up a fuss if your being bullied, sorry for wittering on haha needed to share.

I had my hair permed into spiral yesterday I love it its so curly, but cant wait to wash it myself and play with but.

hope you all have a 100% day.


Can hug her knees :)
butterfly and witchy both of your hairs sound lovely, I keep thinking about changing mine too thinking maybe have some dar put through it as its really blonde now my pic is from last winter
Oh witchy dont be mad at yourself you could of picked something much worse, I know I would of, and I am so sorry to hear what is happening with your Daughter, the school is sending out a dreadful picture to their children :(
I hope you manage to sort it out on monday (((hugs))) to you and your daughter xx
well done alexice - that's fantastic!!!

i'm chugging my water and am pretty pleased, because it's Saturday - which means FRIDAY is over! I always find fridays really hard because it's a usually a day when i finish work, grab loads of food (choccies, crisps and dip) and beer, and sit in front of the tv all night munching!! it wasn't quite the same drinking my water and having my vanilla shake but oh well - it'll all be worth it in the end!

i have loads of studying to do today :( hope everybody is having a more exciting day than me hahaha !
A quick hello to all as I await the arrival of my friend for a long weekend, she's staying until Tuesday for a conference.
Sorry to hear the news about colds, dental problems and school bullies.
I got bullied at senior school in the year before my O levels, thankfully the school was so supportive and dealt with it well. I moved onto a different school (all boys but admitting girls to sixth form) for A levels and could not have been happier, surrounded by a lovely bunch of girls and boys.

Many years later I joined the 'old girls alumnae' and found out that the bullies either went onto very humdrum lifestyles or quite troubled and sad adulthoods. There wasn't a sense of satisfaction about that, just the sad realisation that bullies themselves are such inadequate characters. Hope it gets sorted properly for your daughter witchy, its something that I feel strongly about.

I definitely think that we reduce or stop pampering ourselves when we gain weight - good to hear about the hair dressing treats.

Will check in tommorow, all the best x
Thanks MonRobot :)

To those with new hair do's - Well done. I want to do something with mine but not sure exactly what so I am going to wait until just after New Year - my birthday is Jan 8th and I will be a bit slimmer by then so it can be a more dramatic change.
I just hope I can last until then cos sometimes I get the urge to have my hair cut and dash off to the nearest hairdressers then do something I regret!


Going for Goal!
Oooh I'm glad the subject of hair has come into todays thread! I booked in for an appointment on Tuesday a while ago, because next weekend I'm at my cousin's little boys 1st birthday party, and will be seeing family I haven't in a while. I'm wanting a 'new look'. I wondered if anyone would mind having a peek at my recent pic in my albums and perhaps give me some ideas? I was thinking side fringe and cutting the length so it levels out (last time I had layers cut into my hair and deeply regretted it - bad hair day memory...?Thats Me everyday!) Could do with some girls opinions...HB and me not always on the same wave length, if ya see what I mean!!! :):):) lol

Hugs x x x


please try again
afternoon girls

am having a lazy day today, havnt left the house at all
have had a tetra and 2 litres of water so far, more to go as my house smells like fried chicken and i must resist!
glad u girls have kept the daily thread up and running its such an inspiring thread and a great get to know u thread ;-)
Hi again,
Just checking out your pics Emma, good god girl- you look amazing! Such a huge change, you must feel fantasic. We've got similar face shape, and i have always had long, thin, naturally wavy/frizzy hair. Have tried short styles in the past but to be honest it was too much like hard work and i didn't feel feminine. I agree that a shoulder bob would suit, maybe with some cut in around the face, maybe a side parting. You still have the option then to either have it wavy or straighten it.
Searched for some straighteners today, I'm trying to be frugal cos i need to save- found some CHI ones in TKMaxx for £20-30. Have come home and done some research and they are very well rated, popular in the states apparrently and are one of their expensive brands, equivalent to our ghd's. So off to buy tomorrow, hope they're as good as they sound.
Hope everyone having a nice evening. I'm off to crash in front of TV before bed and have a lovely vanilla/orange mousse- yummm.....See you all tommorrow xx


please try again
evening girls, hope your all doing well

i feel ikky this evening, seemed to be after i had a cup of green tea but then i do have a cold at the mo, just everything aches, heads fuzzy and thought i was going to be sick, soooooo not fun!


please try again
oh and im definatly a numpty ive now agreed to meet with 2 mates in the next 4 weeks!
here goes

After failing at everything else I am starting CD on monday have one arm strapped up after minor op so thought it is a good time to give this ago i would like to lose 8stone but for now my goal is to do this diet for 1 week:D

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