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Superfree chips!!!

Superfree chips!!!

Just thought Id post this in here as well as my diary in case anyone wants to try - last night I made SW chips out of celeriac which is a vegetable so superfree. They were fantastic!! Brilliant texture for chips, nice and waxy once cooked but firm enough to hold together (unlike things like sweet potatoes or BNS which go soggy and/or are not superfree).

Basically I dropped them in boiling salted water for 2 min and then roasted in Fry Light for about half an hour. Dont know if the 2 min was really necessary but they came out great! I didn't think it was going to work as I was making them as chopping the celeriac up it *stunk* of celery (which I loathe) but once cooked it was gorgeous!! Loveley texture as I say and also had a background sweetness taste, a bit like sweet potatoes but less strong, more like a real chip shop chip. I did them in a bit of Schwartz piri piri so I dont know if that helped hide any celery taste but I loved them!

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Oooh I shall have to give swede a go, yum! :)


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they look fab. I have never tried celeriac. I might try them in the acti fry.
When I was low-carbing I ate celeriac till I was sick of it. Sadly, it's not available here, so no luck for me!

Its pretty good mashed instead of potatoes, especially with a strongly flavoured stew
mashed up with sauerkraut - and a smoked sausage on the side,
used as topping instead of mash for cottage pie
chips with curry powder sprinkle alongside curries or spicy foods
or like roasted potatoes with your roast dinner
its brilliant in a one pot EE stew too, beef, carrot, onion, celeriac
you can use it in veg curries instead of potato too

ooh yes, I love celeriac, the ugliest vegetable in the universe!
Where there's a will..... said:
If you made chips with these could you have them as a snack and not syn them as they are superfree?

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Yup! Its alot of trouble to go to for a snack, but would def be free.

In fact, the potato ones would be free as well - its when you make them into crisps they need synning.
They look gorgeous, thanks for sharing Ermintrude! I've only done SW Chips with potato (obviously...) or BNS so far. Celeriac is definitely next on my list. :)
I'll give those a whirl, they look yummy.

My fav superfree chip at the mo is swede.

I ordered celeriac and they didnt have any!!! So went to Morrisons to get some - and THEY DIDNT HAVE ANY EITHER! :cry:

So I made do with swede and it was Deeeeelish!!! :) Swede and celeriac are definitely the New Chips for me! :) Superspeedy chips rule! As I am a disaster with potatoes, I eat the sackload once I start - whereas a sackload of celeriac or swede is stil naff all on the calorie front!!! :D


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OH and I both absolutely love celeriac so I will definitely be giving these a go, thanks for the suggestion!

And even better, unlike potatoes, celeriac is superfree, making these an ideal superfree snack! :D
BNS = butternut squash :D I like that roasted too but not so much as chips, too soggy. Like sweet potatoes really.

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