supermarket own brands


is doin this
just sat here doin my online asda shop and was wondering if own brands are the same
ie batchelors pasta and sauce-smartprice pasta and sauce.
i know i read this in the book somewhere that own brands are ok but looking at the info on the back of some things aernt the same so can they be subsituted or is it best to buy the named stuff.hope that made sense x
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Funny you should ask this as I was doing my asda shop earlier today and was sat with my Food Directory finding out the differences. The supermarket own brand versions are NOT all the same as the Batchelors brands. I looked up several examples and they were slightly different, not by much and a few were free.

Any ones in particular and I can find out for you.


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You can substitute branded cereals with supermarkets own brand cereals, but if one make of say pasta and sauces are free they may not be necessarily be free in a different make, best to check online or in food directory xx


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S: 14st7lb G: 11st0lb
Mushroom Rice - 100g cooked: red 7.0, green 0.5 syns
Good For You Cheese Spread Portions (8 Pack) -22.5g each: red and green 2.0 syns each

The smart price cheese triangles are lower at 1.5 syns each btw.

Ive gone through my book and cannot for the life of me find the syn value for the smart price pasta and sauce. I would look online but cant this week as I missed class last week so dont have the password. Im sure someone else will have a look for you though.

Hope ive helped a little. x