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Supersize/Superskinny is on now...

It's a lot isn't it. 1500 calories extra every day. Mind you, his diet would make me immense too - 2000 calories a day just from chocolate!!
It's incredible!!

I would like to do a fitness camp for a week though. Would be nice to do it somewhere warm but there are ones in the UK. They're expensive too, but I suppose you get accommodation, all your food and a week's worth of personal training...


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I love this show, I have it on series record so I will watch it later. I'd love to do a fat camp too, maybe we should organise one ourselves! The only one I have seen in the UK is about £795 per week!
All I kept thinking (and this is a mean thought so bare with me!)...I weighed heavier than that Lady did, but I didnt have the over hang or anything! Its amazing how we always think we dont look "that big, or that bad" when we compare ourselves...its wrong I know (hang head in shame)...I also never used to consume half of what she did either!


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No it's not wrong, I am a nightmare on holiday when we are in the pool, I am forever saying to Mr Taz, do I look like that in my cozzie? It's natural, especially when we are consciously changing our size, to compare to others
Taz - I'd so be up for doing a camp! I've not found one cheaper than £795 and most are around the grand mark :( Mind you, some say they do offer group discounts. I wonder if we could get enough people together to do it? Sod the credit crunch!


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I think we should get a bunch of us together, hire a big cottage somewhere and spend a long weekend going for long walks and cooking tasty free food!
Haha, yeah cos that's what would happen!

We would get together, cook tasty food and have long walks... and then drink lots of wine, eat munchies and pizza eventually!!!

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