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superspeed soup

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by sunshinesparkle, 27 September 2011 Social URL.

  1. hi how does the above work?are you supposed to have loads of it on the days leading up to weigh in?and how much can you expect to lose on the week you have lots of it?:)
    I've been following extra easy and giving it hundred percent but for the past few weeks only lost half a pound a week, just want to give it a kick up the bum!

    many thanks
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  3. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    I know ones who have a bowl of it everyday, they swear by it, I unfortunately don't like it :sigh:
  4. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    sorry should have said, some of them have a small bowl before every meal to stop them eating too much :)

    some have it the day before weigh in, they would have breakfast as normal then ONLY soup that day :)
  5. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    Really? Wow! Must admit I don't agree with doing that - after all we are not doing a superspeed soup diet. That seems to go against the SW ethos.
  6. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    Oh i agree, I also know ones who don't eat anything after lunch the day before weigh in :eek:

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  7. parfittaroles

    parfittaroles Silver Member

    I know members who don't eat at all the day of weigh in & have started shaking in class or being close to fainting! It's so silly, as it's not a real loss so they're just lying to themselves!
  8. dreamer1989

    dreamer1989 Full Member

    I have a bowl everyday for tea, it has helped my ibs no end. I eat lots for lunch. I don see it as cheating at all.

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  9. Kitty78

    Kitty78 Silver Member

    I make up a big batch and have small bowl mid afternoon. Keeps the hunger pangs at bay when I'm not in the mood for fruit.
  10. SarJay84

    SarJay84 Full Member

    Does anyone have the recipe?
  11. woodmouse

    woodmouse Gold Member

  12. babybuffy84

    babybuffy84 Gold Member

    I make mine using
    Can mixed bean salad
    Can kidney beans
    Can baked beans
    Carton passatta
    Any frozen mixed veg (peas carrot broccoli. Cauliflower )
    1 spud
    Bit off swede & parsnip
    Any other veg
    Then 1 pint off veg stock
    Mixed herbs
    Bung it all in a pan simmer for a few hours then blitz :)!!!
  13. SarJay84

    SarJay84 Full Member

    Thank you! :)

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