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Supplements and caffiene


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I have successfully lost weight on GL before without giving up my morning coffee (strong "real" brew stuff). I don't think that it affects everyone, so why don't you try for a few weeks and see. If you're not losing by that stage, stop your cuppa.

As for supplements, I do take a multi-vit, mainly because I worry about things like Vit D, but just a Boots own job, nothing fancy :)

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Hiya - I've only just started the Holford diet. I take all the supplements but I haven't given up my morning cuppa although I have given up my diet coke habit. As skerry says, I'm going to see how I do at the end of the month and make necessary changes then.

Good luck x


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I didn't completely give up my caffeine, I just consume much less caffeine than I used to. I still eat dark chocolate on a daily basis.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
I did take the Holford supplements at first. They are expensive. I now just take a chromium supplement from holland and Barrett. I have not felt any the worse for stopping holford's vitamins.
I drink less tea and coffee than I used too. I have three or four mugs with milk. I've also cut out fizzy drinks and don't miss them.
Try drinking more water, it often satisfies the need for drinking anything else.


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I can't have much caffeine so I only have what's in dark choc and a very infrequent decaff coffee. I agree with everyone else, see how it goes for you. Have you tried redbush tea? Some of them are quite good and you can even get blends now like chai, earl grey, vanilla, and also green redbush. Doesn't taste exactly like black tea but you can have it with milk in the same way (although I like it best with lemon except for the blends).

Re the supplements, you can get decent multivitamins and vit C fairly cheaply and I agree with Molly that of the others chromium is probably the most useful. It's worth keeping an eye for holland and barrett sales too!

I don't know if Holford sells his own range of vitamins but if so I'd be cautious. These proprietary book tie-in brands tend to be VERY expensive and in most cases the standard stuff will be just fine. (one of the ME authors sells a herbal sleep aid for £15-20 that doesn't work any better than a standard product you can buy for £2 for example)

(sorry for the late reply, I only just found my Holford book to see what his recommendations were!)