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Does anyone know if it is ok to take green tea tablets on 5-HTP tablets ??
I feel sure you can, though I'm no expert. I drink green tea and plan to take 5-HTP supplements.

I can see no reason why drinking green tea (or taking the tabs) should be any different than drinking normal tea.

BTW, how are you finding the 5-HTP? I've just ordered some
It's basically tryptophan, an amino acid that the body converts to serotonin.

Researchers reckon low serotonin may encourage binge eating either by a direct effect on appetite or through its effect on mood.

Some antidepressants have the same effect and are often prescribed for bulimics or people with eating disorders.

I'm generally against supplements, but thought I'd give this a try.
took 5 htp before when i had a hormone problem and i found them really good.

My mood was better and my sex drive increased (it couldn't have got any worse) and i had a brilliant nights sleep, but they did make me dream more.

I was taking the maximum dose a day (hubby called them my happy pills)

I found that i was no longer yelling at the family for the slightest of things (like looking at me the wrong way)

I got mine from healthspan on the web, i think they are quite cheap and you dont pay any p+p.
The only down side is you have to have a break every so often.
If you have to stop them, does it take a while for the benefits to work again or does it kick in quickly?

I don't get mood swings really (except when I'm panicking about eating!), relatively even tempered. Very lucky really.
this is very interesting. I have in the past been on anti-depressants but have been much better since doing VLCD (came off them over a year ago) I wondered if perhaps the lack of balance in my diet had a part to play, my sister n law however suffers from depression and has done ever since I've known her - I don't think she has tried (or heard) of these and she wants to try and avoid going back on anti-deps, where does the substance come from? is it synthetic?
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5-HTP is a natural plant extract from the seeds of the West African griffonia simplicifolia tree. This plant extract is a natural source of 5-hydroxy-tryptophan (5-HTP). 5-HTP is a substance that is made in the body which is converted into serotonin, a brain chemical messenger. Low serotonin levels are believed to be the reason for many cases of mild to moderate depression, insomnia and feelings of anxiety, apathy, fear and worthlessness.