Support and Help!!


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Hi everyone,

Basically I am asking for help and support from you lovely people. I want to lose weight and looking at slimming world it seems the best.

However, I cant afford the weekly fees so I am attempting it alone. I have the general gist of it - but I am really worried that I will fall off the wagon!

Any advise to get me started?????
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Well if you fall off the wagon just forgive yourself and get back on it! Then fasten your seatbelt. Seriously it makes a big difference to be able to jump back on the wagon and keep going, thats what'll get you there in the end - good luck :)

hollys nan

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Hi Lexi, have you got the food optimising book?

Happy Holidays

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If you've not got the books I'd recommend going to at least one class they you can get the book & more of an understanding of how SW works.

Otherwise take a look at the threads you'll get lots of help there. If there is anything you're not sure about just ask:D


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Thanks for replying, made me realise I am not alone!!

I have got all the information in pdf formats.

I am having my first weigh in on Tuesday. So I will post it in the weigh in bit!!!


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Welcome aboard!!

I don't go to class either - time and money restrictions unfortunately. (My gym costs £9 a week and I - personally- feel I get more out of that, and can afford that, but not SW and the Gym).

I do think that it's good to have the books though, and am considering rejoining just to get the new books at some point when I can afford it this month. Will see what offers they have.

Anyway - good luck. This forum is really supportive, so come here often to keep motivated and get advice and ideas.



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Please don't take this as me saying you should pay the money and go to the groups each week, I know it's each to their own and everyone has their own specific circumstances. However, I sat down and thought that with the prepacked sandwich and cup of coffee I might buy more than once a week, I could afford to go if I cut them out. I think the little things we buy each day/week can easily mount up to £4.95! It definately can with me haha oops