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Surely I'm eating too much?


Step away from the cake..
This is my first time on slimming world. I've just completed day 4 and I feel like I'm eating all the time. I'm concerned I'm eating too much, and will not lose weight. Basically slimming world must boil down to fewer calories in, and I'm not sure that's happening coz I can eat for England!

Here's what I had today - I'd really appreciate experienced slimming worlders views on whether I'm doing it right. I'm on extra easy.

Soya latte (healthy extra A)
Half a banana
A fresh apricot
Fat free yoghurt
Alpen light Bar (half a B choice)

Snack FF yoghurt, fresh apricot

Fritatta made with 3 eggs, courgette, sweetcorn, red pepper, onion

Small bag of pretzels (4 syns)
Alpen light bar (half a B choice)
fresh apricot

Baked potato
Salmon fillet
Stir fry veg (lots of veg - 2 carrots, green beans, a little sweetcorn, onion, tomatoes)

Treat size cadbury caramel (4 syns)

That's loads, isn't it?!
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If it helps, at a very rough count up calorie wise, you come in around 1400-1500 for the day, which is exactly the recommended amount for losing weight. That's how SW works, you swap high calorie foods, for low calorie, filling and nutritious foods, so you feel like you're eating loads, but actually it's all good!
If you want to know how the magic works, and you can still eat all that and lose weight, think about how much actual fat you have consumed over the day. Yes, you are taking in calories but you need them to be able to function. What you are not taking in is a high fat content - the food you are eating is very low fat and full of good nutrients.

As Britmum said, your food plan is spot on. As long as you don't go hungry and you don't eat till you feel like you could puke, and you stick to the foods within plan - you WILL lose.
It is the one aspect of this plan that really throws people. It doesn't seem right somehow to be able to eat so well and lose weight. But I and countless others are testament to the fact that if you trust the plan and follow it faithfully, you will see the results.
Yep - looks perfect! Well done, you've obviously got a great grasp of the plan. You're fitting in the friu and veg each time as well. Brilliant! xx
Sound about right to me!


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I think you need more syns, you can have between 5-15 a day and the reason its ok to have the full 15 is so when weight loss slows down or comes to a halt its the first and easiest thing to cut down on to speed it up as well as many other reasons so have your syns
Since getting to target I've had to up my HEAs and HEBs to 2 each and ensure I have 15 syns otherwise I end up continuing to lose and I really don't want to drop out of the "target zone".

I probably overdone the Syns over Xmas and New Year but won't know what the damage is until tomorrow!

looks like you are doing really well!

Everyone who starts the plan thinks that they won't lose cause they are eating so much but if they follow the plan properly then they DO lose the weight!

See how you get on at your first weigh in!

Lesley x
Looks good to me :)

I think with any diet, when you start you are so concuss of what you eat and writing everything down, making sure u get more food for your syns/points and trying new recipes you feel like your eating loads but I know if I wrote what I eat on a non diet day I would eat just the same amount but it would all be bad! Keep up the good work xx
i am losing and eating LOADS!!!!!!.....more than i ever have, ive lost 3kg in less than 3/52....keep eating, just write it alldown and stick to plan!!...good luck!!

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