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Are you taking your OH surname?

oH and I have been together 12 years and have 2 kids, and as we never were going to get married I said they had to have double barrelled names, his and mine.

Nw he expects us all to change our names to his when we marry. But I think it would be easier to just take the double name like the kids, and he can keep his if he wants since he is so set

He is all about carrying n the family name, and part of me wonders if that's why he wants to marry now, after we had a son, when he didn't after my daughter was born. Plus, for various reasons do with his mother, I don't particularly want to become part of her family, as far as I am see it OH and I are our own family.
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I'll give you 3 guesses what my surname will be this time next year!

Your name is a very personal thing and you can't change it if you don't really want to. Having a double barrelled surname seems like a good compromise if you can't agree.
I am taking my partners surname when we marry next year so I will become a Rigby. My dad is trying to persuade me to double barrel my surname as there are no boys in our family to carry the name on but I have always said no. I have got nothing against me surname but I don't famcy making my name double barrel.
I think it can be a very tough decision to make.
I asked my OH once what he'd think if I didn't take his name and honestly, you'd think I just kicked him in the face lol.

I was joking anyway, to be fair, his surname goes better with Clare than mine does.

Why don't you compromise and double barrel your name too? Means there's not the hassle of changing all the kids' records and you still keep your individuality to an extent
I've had this debate at home also!

I'm getting married in October. When we had our son we gave him a double barrelled surname, Mine then H2B's.
We always did plan on getting married at some stage, we just wanted to include my surname as there are no boys to carry my surname on.
When we get married, I'm taking his name & we're changing my surname in our son's name to his middle name, so really just removing the hypen :)
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im 100% taking my future hubbys surname! my wee one has his daddys name (my eldest is not my oh biological son, he has my surname. his "father" is not on the scene nor does he want to be. ) when we announced the engagement my eldest asked if he could take my ohs surname, it made my oh so so happy, he almost cried. im looking forward to us all having the same surname... it is a tough decision to make though, i know from my ohs point of view though, his sons having his surname meant the world to him. xx