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  1. starlightz

    starlightz Full Member

    cambridge diet
    Ok the love of my life has just surprised me with a week away :) so its not abroad, but its still a holiday but its in 4 weeks :eek:!!
    Im still on SS and dont want to come off but all the food is included there what do I do??
    I am due AAM that week too but I know that if I start eating maybe I wont stop,:sigh: its hard!
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :).
    Also I took the bull by the horns and added my pic to the avitar!! Not taken any others yet dont want to break the camera lol.
    All the best xxxx
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  3. Nessa

    Nessa Silver Member

    Slimming World
    Hey, I am sorry i don't have any advice to give you as that's my downfall as well, if I start eating I never stop! Have a Lovely holiday though.
  4. peachy1982

    peachy1982 Silver Member

    common sense, everything in moderation
    What about going and enjoying yourself and sticking to low carbs?
    You can have all the meats and cheeses and that, but it would mean you still stay in ketosis.
    Its really up to you - just do whatever you feel is right. If you want to take a week of the diet then do that. Just get back on it when you come back.
  5. Mrs Roch

    Mrs Roch Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I'm afraid I'm of the opinion that life is about more than just this diet...

    I know it will be hardwork getting back to SS after the week off but you need to make a decision and feel in control of that decision otherwise it will all go to pot.

    I'm organising a large BBQ for 18th August - I've set myself a goal to be 14st by 13th August which is keeping me focused in the run-up and I've made the decision that on the 18th August, I'm going to eat. Only at the BBQ, I'm not going to have breakfast etc or booze and I'm still going to have 2 food packs and water during the day but the BBQ is for a large bunch of friends and children that I don't see very often so I'm not not going to join in.

    I've also got another goal of 12st by 12th October which I really really really want to do so I know that one day won't extend into one week or one month...

    Maybe set yourself a goal before you go and another one for when you get back so you get straight back on it and don't delay the start...

    Have a wonderful time - life's all about making memories...
  6. starlightz

    starlightz Full Member

    cambridge diet
    Aww thanks for your replies girls xxx
    Nessa I had to eat some chicken today I really didnt want it but have to up to 1000 until my gums have healed up a bit but the good news is I lost another 13lbs in 10 days so am well happy,
    Thanks Peachy I am going to do 1000 for a few weeks so will still be on that when I go away Im just hoping the weight will still come off even 2-3 lbs a week is better than nothing.
    Go for it Mrs Roch I had to really force down the chicked today but know my CDC is right so will stick tothat at least I can also go away still taking my packs but eating a small amount too, just going to enjoy the holiday!!! I need it after lookibng after 8 puppies for the last 5 weeks lol.
    All the best to you all and thanks again xxxxxxx
  7. starlightz

    starlightz Full Member

    cambridge diet
    forgot to mention my partner is in fact away until the 26th august and is not due back until the day before we go away and is non the wiser that I am on this diet!! Do you think it will really notice by then??
    All the best to all xxxx
  8. Ruthlet

    Ruthlet Wants to be a loser!

    On the basis you have lost nearly 2 stone in 2 weeks and your OH is not back for another 3 weeks I am guessing that your losses will be closer to 3 stone by then so I think there is a good chance it will be noticeable!!!

    Congratulations on your loss so far - and nice to "see" you :).
  9. starlightz

    starlightz Full Member

    cambridge diet
    Thanks for that Ruthlet I have so much to lose just terrified that its not going to notice!!
    As Im now on 1000 for a while its going to slow the loss down but even still I may be a couple of sizes smaller. Its showing on my face lol if that helps. lol thanks about the pic took a lot to put it up I might add, me and the camera just dont get on!!
    You have done amazing 4 stones gone wow well done to you when did people start noticing with you?? If you dont mind me asking??
    All the best xxx
  10. Ruthlet

    Ruthlet Wants to be a loser!

    I don't mind you asking at all ;).

    My really close friends and OH noticed after the first stone but they did all know that I was doing the diet - Most people started to notice after the first 2 stone were gone. I work for a big company and I can honestly say that at the moment I get at least 2-3 compliments from people (good friends and general acquaintances) a day which is a fantastic incentive to stick with the diet until goal and maintain :).

    I am sure that by the time your OH gets back your loss is going to be really noticeable especially as he has not seen you since you started.

  11. starlightz

    starlightz Full Member

    cambridge diet
    Wow I bet it gives you a buzz to hear the compliments. My daughter says she can see I am losong weight in my face but I would love to lose it everywhere else lol.
    Hoping my partner notices or there will be trouble tho!!
    Thanks for your help and for answering the question. All the best for your future losses. xxx
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