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Attack Survived day one! Bring on day two.

Well day one of attack complete and I'm not sure I really believe what my scales are telling me.

Yesterday morning at 8am I weighed 12st 12lbs and this morninig 12st 8lbs. 4 pounds gone? That can't be right surely?

I know that my weightloss will be nice and steady in cruise but I was honestly hoping to lose 4lbs over the tree days of attack.

So today will be a chicken fest as I have loads to use up.
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What an excellent start :) and yes there is no reason for you not to have lost 4lbs if that is what your scales say. Dukan is a great diet.


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Well done! This diet can be funny at times. You will lose weight faster sometimes than at other times and a few times you may even hop onto your scales and find you have picked up. Horror of horrors! The trend, though, is downwards. Yippee!
Seems you're WELL on your way to hitting your target weight.


Oh well done you!!! That is great news and what motivation to spur us all onwards....

I have been too chicken to get on the scales, I think I may leave it until the end of attack so I don't get disheartened xx
Thank you ladies. I have checked again and they still say 12st 8lbs so I'll take that!

Dolly - I was going to wait as well but I was re-reading the attack chapter or the book and the doc recommends weighing regularly during attack.

I was not expecting a big loss because I have been losing weight following a different diet. I realised that I wasn't addressing my eatig habits with the other plan and I needed a big change. I have always eaten healthily but way too much of it and mostly carbs.

Stay positive Dolly - you have made a big decision to do this diet and I am sure you can do it!
Oh well done you!!! That is great news and what motivation to spur us all onwards....

I have been too chicken to get on the scales, I think I may leave it until the end of attack so I don't get disheartened xx
Dolly2, I did get on the scales after my attack day and noticed I had only dropped 200gr... I still went on, on day two and ate even more protein! Today I had lost 600 gr more so Almost a kilo!

I am supposed to do 3 day attack and the goal is to lose 1.1 Kg.

So jump on the scales and don't be disheartened it could happen like it did me.. not much on the first day... and more on the second!:p


Just keep swimming...

Oooo well done stmc!!! :0clapper:

I too weighed and have dropped 3lbs in my first day :D So very happy!

Also, I have terrible trouble with water retention and have noticed that my ankles, feet and fingers are more 'defined' already. All good!

Had a gorgeous breakfast of scrambled eggs (just a little skimmed milk added) with salmon added plus turkey rashers which are totally gorgeous. Love, love being able to have a cup of tea with skimmed milk. That was what put me off atkins because you were not supposed to have any.

Very motivated today. Having cottage cheese and tuna and salmon for lunch (have you noticed I like my fish??) and making my own burgers for dinner tonight.

Yum yum yum! Off to the office in a bit so will be back on tonight.

Have a good day lovely ladies!
Weigh in

Ok ladies you have convinced me.....tomorrow I will have a cheeky weigh in, as soon as I wake up, pre cup of tea and post 1st wee ( sorry if tmi)!!!!!

You will hear the scream all over the uk should I not have lost or worst still......put on..??????!::eek:

Am sure I will be fine. Today after my disaster of a gallette I have spent an hour on the treadmill walking, have drunk loads of water( approx 1ltr) and am going to have chicken breast with a curry dip.....oooh get me especially after the brekkie, but seriously how hard is natural Greek yoghurt with some curry powder :confused::confused::confused::

Dolly. Who really must get on with some work,
You go girl!!! I will be waiting to hear the whoops of delight tomorrow morning.

Now get your nose back to the grindstone!!!

I should be doing the house work but the baby is sleeping and my toddler is contendly emptying his toy boxes onto the livingroom floor. So have a bit of free time.


Just keep swimming...
Dolly g'wan g'wan g'wan (in Mrs Doyle stylee) you know you have to sneak weigh. You will be pleasantly delighted I'm sure : )

stmc - you live in the same county as me - how freaky is that considering it is the smallest county in the world? : O

Actually, I know it is called the wee county but I made up the bit about it being the smallest in the world...

Well the tuna and cottage cheese was pretty revolting, so won't be doing that again! But the burgers were lovely. Will need to experiment with different herbs and spices.

Have had a good day but havent got any exercise done apart from housework this morning. And have to go back into the office this evening as have a mountain of paperwork to tackle harumph (have our own business so can't leave it for someone else...)

Glad everyone is doing so well : )

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