Survived the works Christmas meal (well nearly)!


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Okay okay I cracked and did have a desert, but was golden with everything else. :D

No booze (did the driving..great excuse as others got fairly merry!). Drank loads of water, and then some more!

Did have a starter which was sauted mushrooms with a green salad (seemed like the lesser evils of all the others). i left the bread & butter, and it was a teeny weeny portion of the mushrooms so hopefully not too much damage done there (phew)

Main course, I was sneaky here and pre-arranged with the hotel to do me a nice tofu green salad, and i have to say they came up trumps! so happy bunny with that one.

The only think I fell down on was the desert!!! I couldnt resist so had a lovely pecan & toffee burlee (sp) + one tiny scoop of vanilla icecream. It was lovely!! :). May regret that when I get on the scale in the morning, but it was a special day and we havent had a works do for 8 years!! :eek: so it was just one tiny treat.

I dont feel as though I have failed, or guilty having the one treat, as I know I am back to normal tomorrow, and will still stay on track for my target weight for Christmas. I find that quite odd for me cause usually any other diet I have this would have been a trigger not to get back on the wagon as would have in my mind blown it! (I think my whole thinking re food is changing :p )

I avoided the cheese & biscuits and choccies afterwards.

I have had none of my shakes/soups today, and wont now, this is my last day of AAM week too, so its back to SS tomorrow.

I dont think I have caused too much damage today, and feel happy that I have managed to not pig out as before CD I would have had the lot!!! :D

I managed to find a lovely black floaty type dress that made me look really slim ((hee hee)) and felt so good, and not the usual miserable old troat that I would have been going to a function!

Hip hip hoooooray for CD !

Deb x
Well done Deb, that's brilliant to do so well on your works do, what strength you have. I'm sure you've done very little damage, and if you're back on to SS tomorrow, you'll soon be back on track.

Keep up the good work - you're a trooper.

Sounds like you had a great night hun, well done for your choices
thanks everyone for your brilliant support. It does really help being able to come on this forum and find others doing the same.

My slight indulgence yesterday doesnt seem to have 'damaged' anything as yet! :)

Still in ketosis, and have even gone down a bit on my own scales, so thats a fantastic achievement for me.

So onwards and downwards, week 6 here I come!! :D :D

Oh it would be so nice to be at target by Christmas!

Deb x
Well done Deb, being able to eat sensibly and enjoy it and then go straight back to the diet is a major achievement, congratulations.